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The world's most elegant and flexible way to make a blog or website.
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There really ought to be an introductory post when you first share a page though.
+Matt Mullenweg hung out with your team at #BWELA, they're the best. Great folks! Was hoping to meet you... maybe soon!
Wordpress totally has my CMS virginity. Still love it!
WordPress has become my go to tool for all the sites i develop. Thanks a ton and stay awesome!
Great to see WordPress on G+ Matt. Greetings from Australia everyone!
I agree. I do everything with Wordpress.
Congrats to their team on their 100th employee, too!
Matt - one favor - pls don't pub new versions wp in next to near future, still suffering from hickups of plugins upgrades - the more the worse, sincere thanks.
Wordpress has become so much more than blogging, it's the easiest cms out there for basic sites. I do believe we're going to see a lot of personal blog post move to Google+ but that's ok because WP has played it's part in blogging. Now it has bigger stuff to tackle.
Happy Birthday Matt! Without you I would not be here, thank you for all of your hard work!
Happy Birthday Matt! It's not as bad as people make it out to be! Older yet wiser.
Many Happy returns of the day..... We are reading (using) your Poetry of coding.... almost daily
Matt - I just found you on Google+. I'm a big fan. I started using WordPress about a year ago and have done some amazing things with it. It's Changing My Life! THANK YOU!
+Joseph Shaw You are right. It changes life of many developers and +Matt Mullenweg is worth to compare with Rasmus Lerdorf , the founder of PHP. We shouldn't forget their contribution to the (php) Developers community
I think you meant "we shouldn't"... :-)
oh ! Thank you. Now I am going to edit it at once. ( Really I become lunatic when i am thinking about them)
LOL - Just don't start frothing at the mouth. - I get pretty excited talking about WordPress myself!