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Maybe's an acceptable answer. It's that "no" thing that gets me.
Maybe's an acceptable answer. It's that "no" thing that gets me.


Can an admin make a post and pin it?
One that has user reported plus and minuses for each alternative?
Just a suggestion. =)

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I think I found my place with Its a place made for monetizing your readers, but you don't have to do that.
Its got a bit of the early G+ feel, without the circles sadly.
You should check it out, its actually pretty well put together.. and while its still small, it doesn't feel clunky or beta-y at all.

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Netflix CAN'T cancel Iron Fist.
It's not their show anymore.. because its moving to Disney streaming.

Despite that, I predict it is over. Instead Danny will show up in Luke Cage Season 3, then both shows will spin off to Heroes for Hire.
<fingers crossed>

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Titans is good.. like.. REALLY good.
And HUGE SURPRISE! Kori (Starfire) is dressed the way she is for a reason.. (okay, one of two reasons.. which one is unclear).

A thought about Fallout 76:
Since killing people will cause a bounty to be placed upon you.. there's no way to to effectively kill random people, right?
So imagine if you kill a random person then..
A bounty hunter tracks you down to an area you have prepared.. you can get the drop on them.
A bounty hunter tracks you down to your settlement.. in which you have friends.. you get the drop on them..

PVP will be alive and well in Fallout 76.. you just have to be smart about it. =) You aren't going to be forced to pay your own bounty if no one can actually kill you.
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People are mad at Google for not telling them about this leak.. except they did tell us.. that's how we know.
What were they supposed to do? Tell us as soon as they found it?
"Hey, there's a security leak over there.. we're going to patch it and test the patch, but in the meantime don't try and find it and hack it, okay?".
Yes, people's information was exposed, but not taken. That's partially to do with the fact that Google didn't draw anyone's attention to it.
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Sorry, but I gots ta go!
I view G+ from work and this porn is going to get me fired.
Someone message me if it ever goes away because I like the community.. I just like my job more.

I'm sticking around G+ until the end. But until that time, I am also going to be latching onto Discord.
No spam bots and complete control of my feed.
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Assuming the Google Pixel 3 isn't bringing anything new to the table.. I may actually be going Samsung this year..
Of course I'd jailbreak it and flash stock Android, but still..
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I honestly think its time.
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