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I must admit that makes me a bit more proud of our platform.
I don't get why anyone would follow a twitter hash for a commercial? What do I know, I'm a G+ guy... Who saw this post by watching the #superbowl stream on G+
What do you expect the other two are 10 years or more of age and Goggle+ is just over a year. So the numb nut's with age and power know the other names and since Google+ is not oldfashioned and outdated they know little to nothing about it. So the numb nuts do not play with the front wave of development they do not learn about it.
Just over a year for G+?
Has it gone that quickly?

That aside, time is a factor.
Throw on top G's past of ditching things ... and I too would be wary of recommending it (unless I actually realised how much G needs it, so is highly unlikely to ditch it).
It's early days, next year it will be different...I hope!
I must admit most of my friends outside my professional job in the UK still don't know what Google+ is...very frustrating when you use it and love it as much as I do compared to Facebook.
My prediction is December 2012/January 2013, at the latest,
you will see corporations/enterprises using/referencing G+.
It does not really matter who wins just as long as our current fool and chief becomes unemployed.
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