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10k per day sounds good, but have to wonder if they're all legitimate accounts. Too many phony accounts across all social networks...
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And FWIW, in my personal G+ account, I'm noticing what looks like more REAL users following/circling me in recent days/weeks, after a long stretch when I'm almost positive most of my new followers were ghosts/fake.
It comes in waves for me. I could use another one.... HOLA! (or should I say OLA?)
I've had steady, and recently accellerating growth in followers of the +Programming Android product page. It's a bit self-referential, talking about a Google product on Google's social network, but, so far, it's worked very well.
We can not just say, the new users are fake,coz they can hide profile completely.most of the people will not post for most part of their first month, since this is not their social graph only interest graph.
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