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The Apple Maps launch is like deja vu. Been here, seen that already with Google+.
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The difference is, Google+ was as good as what's already out there. It was just an entirely different kind of social networking, which made direct comparisons difficult to meaningless.

Conversely, Apple is attempting to compete now in a market with several powerful competitors, and the product it released was clearly substandard in comparison.
I don't think it is that similar. Google+ was not broken. It just needed a different direction that being like Facebook.
Google+ requires network effects to function [as a substitute to Facebook]

Apple Maps can't blame network effects
Seems you didn't get what Google+ is.
Hehehe. Thx gang. Love seeing the G+ fanboys turn out in force, as expected. Please do keep it going.
It was a poor analogy but it must be fun to always be able to fall back on the 'fan boy' line when people disagree. ;)
Yes, it's a blast, Mark. Probably just as fun as blindly ignoring the faults of the sites and services we love.
I tend to find there is plenty of balanced criticism of Google services in general by their user base. I haven't found too many with blind faith or the deep insecurity that often accompanies cultish behaviour. Sure there are some but certainly not the norm.
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