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Email Marketing is still valid and important to businesses. This article lays it all out better than I could.

Email has an ROI of $44 for every $1 spent... that's up from previous years. It's arguable whether it is the best way to maintain a customer relationship (I think it is), but it is definitely the most profitable.
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I wish my email marketing generated $44 for every dollar I spent on it. I honestly think they may have gotten the decimal point in the wrong place.
+Bodhipaksa Dharmacari What are you doing with your company newsletter? It can take a lot of hard work to build a good email list, and you have to keep feeding it with good content (like any social media endeavor).

You get about 20% of your recipients opening your email and 7-15% of those people clicking through to your website. So then the question is "What percentage of your email recipients purchase something eventually?"

Staying top of mind is more than half the battle. I receive emails from Seth Godin every few days. Do I always read them? No. Do I still consider him an expert? Yes.

Your email newsletter can be a direct sales tool or it can be growing your personal brand (or both).

If your email isn't making money for you (either directly or indirectly) then there is something wrong that needs to be fixed.
Your figures are very close. I have a monthly newsletter, which goes out to about 7k opt-in subscribers. Last month 25.6% of recipients opened it. 10% of all subscribers click through. Much of the content is non-commercial. It's "Hey, look at the great articles we published in the last month!" But we do prominently feature online meditation courses we're running (obviously that's of limited interest) and in a sidebar we feature meditation supplies available from our online store. The return for every dollar we spend is about $5 in the three-day period after the newsletter goes out. It's probably a bit more over a longer period, but nothing like 44/1.
If you'd like to take a look at our newsletter I could forward you a copy. Your opinions would be much appreciated.
You're getting a great open and click through rate. Good job on that.

I would love to see a copy of your newsletter. Send it through to and I'll take a look.

Here's some additional suggestions:

1. Do you have your web tracking set up to follow your purchasers through to purchase? Recipients of this month's emails might be purchasing at a future point. Old emails have a tendency to stick around and remind people of your brand.

2. Experiment with a product focused email. Instead of… "I have all this free content and look over at the products I'm selling on the sidebar…" Try "This is a great product I'm offering. Here's why you should buy it. It's really great. By the way, I'm offering free information over on the sidebar…" or better yet, move your sidebar to the footer.

3. Simplify your email to just a few main topics. Your horizontal width is so small in an email, it's better to use that full width for a single topic. In other words, lose the sidebar. It is easy to overwhelm someone with too many details. Keep it simple.

4. Try to increase your email frequency just a bit. Monthly emails are so far apart. Try every three weeks. I know I have a tendency to forget things I only think about once per month.

5. Increase the size of your list. I know this is easier said than done, but it is possible. You should see your open/click/purchase rate stay about the same as you increase the size of your list. That's where the real magic happens. Since the incremental cost to send to more people is so small, it's almost negligible. If you make $5 ROI for 7,000 you should be making $50 ROI for 70,000. Then the temptation is to send newsletters more frequently, which is death to any list. I've been on some accounts where companies make this bad decision!

Your numbers are good… keep doing what you're doing, if nothing else. $5 ROI beats a kick in the head.
Thanks very much for this. I really appreciate these excellent suggestions. I'll get a copy of the email to you ASAP.
Thanks very much for your feedback. It's really excellent and gives me a lot to think about. We'll definitely make some changes.
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