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When I asked my Physical Therapist for more exercises, we were in a pickle. He has a set of exercises that he gives most of his patients, but nobody really progresses to my level. So, he improvised. That showed me it was ok for me to improvise. I mean, that’s what every handicapped person has to do anyway.

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When I asked my Physical Therapist for more exercises, we were in a pickle. He has a set of exercises that he gives most of his patients, but nobody really progresses to my level. So, he improvised. That showed me it was ok for _me_ to improvise. I mean, that’s what every handicapped person has to do anyway.
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It's good to see. Welcome back to the land of the living.
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Matt McCabe

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Why is it that everything good for you tastes so icky?

My day starts with a Kale Smoothy and vitamins. I don’t think about the taste (much). My uncle, Ron McCabe is coming up with a list of vitamins I should be taking, but I invite any and all comments on the subject below!

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I learned in the hospital that nutrition is key, so here is my Kale Shake recipe!
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April 12 fundraiser in Hood River for families. All-ages Zumba, inflatable bouncy castle, face painting, balloon sculptures, raffle, etc. No ticket or admission price, just donate generously at the door. Gonna be amazing!
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Ok... so this looks awesome.
This could be shaping up to be one of the better +Marvel Entertainment movies in a while. Getting excited!
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Yes it does. 
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First we had K-Pop... now we have K-rock...
I would be rude not to share my favorite new band with you. Holy cats. You WILL love this. If you do not, you're probably normal. 
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+Tyler Paul - He obviously hasn't met some of the women I have, then :P
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I have three kinds of therapists: physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. What’s occupational therapy? Everyone asks. I think occupational therapy should be renamed to “independence training” because that’s what they are doing. They run the full gamut from dressing and showering to baking and preparing meals. Maybe their job is big enough to be two therapies?

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_Let’s Get Physical!_ I have three kinds of therapists: physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. What’s occupational therapy? Everyone asks. I think occupational therapy should be renamed to “independence training” because that’s what they are doing. They run the full gamut from dressing and showering to baking and preparing meals. Maybe their job is […]
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I worked with some SLPs in an educational environment for a while. They loosely defined the therapy divisions as:
PT - From the stomach down
OT - From the neck down
SL - From the neck up
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Life is Hard

I can see that it is good to be alive, and being alive is better than being dead. Believe me, I am grateful for being here, but the fact remains that everything is difficult.

Dressing, eating, walking. Anything physical (and that is just about everything) is difficult. Will it be difficult forever? Gosh, I sure hope not. But it is difficult now. 'How?' You might ask. That question becomes, 'How are your symptoms?'

First and foremost, I am connected to my son again. He was cuddling with his mother and I was cuddling with her. It seemed to click for him then--no more screaming at me. I'm his buddy again. He has no idea that I'm different or he does not care. That's something good I can hold onto.

My friends are still my friends. They still hang out with me and value what I say. That's another thing I'm grateful for.

What about physically? My physical therapist gave me a series of exercises to do three times a day. I've graduated past what he normally gives patients, so now we are winging it. I've graduated from wheelchair to walker and now cane. I only use it when going outside--I stumble around at home. It's more about balance than strength.

1. I'm still not driving. I think I could, but I have yet to try.
2. My left side is getting some feeling in it. It's not regular, but I can feel enough to use my leg, for instance.
3. My double vision has corrected itself for distance and up close. I still have trouble shifting between the two, which is why I look down when I walk.
4. My left fingertips are still numb, but no longer tingling. The entire hand feels stiff, but it is more fuctional. 
5.I can type, but it is slow going. It would be a shame to revert to hunt-and-peck when I just have to get used to it.
6. My face is still 1/2 numb, so I still talk like I have marbles in my mouth. I hope that improves. Luckily, your tongue is mostly redundant so eating is enjoyable.
7. I still choke from time to time, but I would consider my swallow to be fixed (or good enough).
8. I am pushing myself on the computer constantly, but it's still not there... Reading makes me tired, and my attention is limited.

My daily regimine, I attempt to perform three times daily...

1. Kale shake for breakfast
2. Phyisical therapy exersises (about ten minutes)
3. Occuptional therapy exersises (about ten minutes)
4. Balance exercises on the Wii Balance Board (about ten minutes).

I'll break each of these down in future posts, but I'm about tapped out for this session.

Be well, everybody. If I can do it, you certainly can.


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Matt is doing his rehab on the coast right now. How is he holding up?
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Hey Matt Good to hear from you. Looking forward to seeing you soon. 
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Matt McCabe

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17 Things the Princess Bride Taught Me About Autism Parenting

1.  Affection doesn’t have to mean saying I love you
Reading a story to someone who’s sick in bed, saying “as you wish” or playing rhyming games that annoy your boss... there are many more ways to show love than just those three little words.

2.  Optimism can get you through the fire swamp
Just because you haven’t tackled a problem before doesn’t mean there’s no solution, even for POUS’s (Problems of Unusual Size).

3.  Having a target will help you stay focused
You don’t have the energy or resources to tackle every challenge that’s in front of you. Find your six-fingered man - prioritize your goals, work out which of those you can tackle and then pursue them with everything you’ve got.

4.  You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles
Be patient. Change and growth takes time, and there are no corners to be cut here. Every kid is working to their own schedule and developing at their own rate.

5.  Don’t believe the hype
There are people who make a lot of money from making you believe in the Dread Pirate Roberts. Snake oil salesmen bank on the fact that you will be too distracted by fear to focus on things like facts and common sense.

6.  Never start a land war in Asia
Well that’s just good advice.

7.  Success means using the right moves for the terrain
There is no definitive intervention for autism. The choices that other people make may not be the right ones for your family, and vice versa... and that’s okay. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel otherwise.

8.  There’s not a lot of money in revenge
Don’t spend your life feeling bitter, blaming yourself, hating autism or resenting parents of typically developing kids. It’s a fruitless and costly waste of energy that can be directed into more productive things.

9.  Inconceivable doesn’t mean impossible
Your kids will achieve things beyond what you ever expected or imagined. Believe this and they’ll believe it too.

10.  You may already have a wheelbarrow
It’s easy to focus on liabilities, but don’t forget to take stock of your assets too. What skills do your kids already have that they can use to help navigate their challenges?

11.  Who says life is fair? Where is that written?
Let go of the expectation that you have more than your fair share of crap to deal with. There are no shares. You don’t have a big pile of crap, you have life. Go live it.

12.  Sometimes words don’t mean what you think they mean
If your kids are having trouble communicating, look beyond the words that they’re using. Thinking about the way the word is being said or the broader context can help you to recognize echolalia or find clues to the word’s intended meaning.

13.  Wiggling a finger is worth celebrating
Take time to enjoy even the smallest of accomplishments, for they were hard earned and are signs of bigger things to come.

14.  You always come back for the ones you love
Let your kids know that no matter how hard things get or how confusing life may be, you’re someone they can depend on to help them find the answers. After all, true love doesn’t happen every day.

15.  When there’s no time to explain, use a summary
Practice summing up their main challenges and needs so you can recite them quickly when you need to explain or get help in a hurry. “My son is autistic and finds loud noises frightening, is there somewhere quiet we can wait?”

16.  Mostly dead is slightly alive
Even when you’re too tired to breathe and the odds stacked against you seem enormous, you will survive to fight another day.

17.  It’s one hell of a story
Sure there’ll be laughs, adventure, pain and tears... but at the heart of it all, it’s about love.


Have fun storming the castle!

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Matt McCabe

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Hani! Great to hear from you. Unfortunately, life has not been grand... see for details...
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My autistic son loved this video :)
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It matches spoken word with written word and visual representations, so it stands to reason :D
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