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I spoke recently at the 2015 Day of Mourning vigil in Portland, Oregon.

I have a recording of the speech here:

We had news coverage, which can be seen here:

And finally, here's the text of the speech...

I understand now.

Many adults with autism want to be called “Autistic.” That’s how they self-identify. For them, they are Autistic individuals. Others feel it’s important to use “person-first language,” i.e. “a person with autism.”

The debate has been going back and forth in the ASD community. I could never understand why the convictions on both sides were so strong.

Now I understand.

London was Autistic. It was pronounced, and his symptoms were unmistakable. But you got past that. You gave him grace. You didn’t focus on his limitations. He was a happy, loving boy. Besides being beautiful to behold—blue eyes and blonde hair—he was beautiful on the inside.

He laughed and jumped and played. He loved other children, even if he didn’t know how to play with them.

He didn’t like what he didn’t like, but what he did like, he took to with great gusto. When he was hungry and eating food that he liked, he cooed. The air was full of “mmmm”s and “yumm”s. He couldn’t talk, but he was always verbalizing. His almost-words were nicknamed his “Ewok Language.”

He adored physical contact with those he loved. He liked to be held and tossed, and he always slept pressed up against me at night.

The story of his life is LOVE personified. London personified love.

You and I can honor his memory best by loving each other. Love your children. Love your parents. Love your friends. Love those you meet.

Love with great gusto.

I’m going to cut through all that naming debate. Just call an individual by his or her name. London was London.

Don’t just take it from me. His friends were typical children. When they played, sometimes the other children would wonder why he was different. His friend, Sienna, was the same age as he. She said, “This is my friend London. He can’t speak. He’s not a baby or anything, he just can’t speak.” His friend, John, said, “This is my friend London. Sometimes he just needs a little space.” The children around him didn’t label him. They didn’t know how. He was just London.

People with disabilities are just people. I have a disability. Without warning, a brain mass sent me to the hospital. I still have trouble walking and talking, but I’m trying as best I can. I deserve a chance to try. London deserved a chance to try. That chance was taken from him.

His passing has shocked the state and the world. It shocked me. I’m still in shock.

There’s a list of people killed by their caregivers. It is tragic that there is a list. It’s tragic that there is even one person on the list. Every person deserves a chance to live.

When old friends greet me, they often have difficulty finding words to say. That is understandable. This act defies explanation. There are no words to explain that which does not make sense.

Being a parent is hard. That is no excuse for murder.

London was loving and trusting. That trust was betrayed.

If you are a the caregiver of someone and the idea of hurting them ever crosses your mind, then there is a better way. London had two sets of grandparents that would have loved to raise him. I would have loved to raise him. I was very much looking forward to knowing London as an adult.

There is no excuse for taking a life.

Matt McCabe
Day of Mourning 2015, Portland Oregon
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Matt McCabe

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McFarland, USA: a Movie Review

It’s about time we have a good, solid film. When you see a packed theater, that’s a clue that word has gotten out of a good movie.

Leave it to Disney to create a family-safe, quality film that we can all watch.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with a film by Disney. I’m always afraid that you’ll get a family film with lots for kids and nothing for adults. That’s not the case here. It’s like Holes. It’s a Disney film, yes, but I enjoyed watching it.

It’s a drama, not a kids film. That’s not to say that it isn’t safe for kids. There just isn’t any animation or fart jokes to keep them entertained.

This is a movie that is well-acted. You would expect that from veteran Kevin Costner, but I was surprised by the high level of acting from all the actors--including child actors.

This was a solid drama. It took you places you weren’t expecting to go and showed you a slice of life that was invisible to you before. There was conflict and triumph over adversity. It was a good, quality film with none of the icky stuff.

A good test is if there are moments in the film that make you feel giddy. There is a bubble of joy that is hard to force down. Sometimes it’s an audible giggle. Other times it is tears. Yeah, some times I cry at movies--not because they are sad, but because I’m emotionally invested. Tears at a movie are less audible and embarrassing that cheering or clapping--although this movie had that.

Is it family-safe? Yes.

Rated PG
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Matt McCabe

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The Kingsman: The Secret Service: a Movie Review

Jonathan Maletz​ tried to warn me. I went anyway. Turns out he was right.

This generation is very blind to ultra-violence. Games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty glorify violence. Kids can view a screen of blood and say, “Yeah! Awesome!”

So this film made me feel old. I am particularly sensitive to the ultra-violence.

Yes, this film was a fun action movie. You rooted for the good guy. But then there was so much violence. You almost felt sorry for the bad guys. Correction. I felt sorry for the bad guys--not almost.

I used to make fun of the depiction of Wolverine on screen. If he had claws that would cut through anything, why was there no blood? Now I’ve seen a movie with blood, and I’d like my Wolverine back.

I’ll just come out and semi-spoil some of it for you. A lot of heads are blown up/off. If this prospect doesn’t appeal to you, then avoid the film. A lot of heads are blown up.

One person said that it was very much like Kill Bill. Yes it was… with more violence. That’s a hot button for me. It may or may not be for you.

And that’s not the only objectionable bit here. There’s some nudity. Language abounds.

This is a movie for the young. I am old. I don’t even think there could be a tv-edit of this film. At its core, there were elements I liked. The final fight scene is rad… if the rest of the movie weren’t so graphic.

If you’re in your 20’s, you’d give this a four. I gotta give it a 3. It’s like 50 Shades of Grey-- (don’t worry, this link is safe.). This here is the tv edit.

Is it family safe? Nope. Nada. I don’t believe so.

Rated R
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I would recommend +The Babadook Movie if you want a good old fashioned psychological horror without the gore +Matt McCabe. That was one of the best films I saw last year which was refreshingly free of gratuitous nudity and graphic violence whilst remaining tremendously menacing.
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Matt McCabe

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Hot Tub Time Machine 2: a Movie Review

The first Hot Tub Time Machine was a good movie, as I remembered. I was really looking forward to the sequel.

This movie was definitely funny, but it forced you to laugh. It’s like Jerry Seinfield says in his interviews. He doesn’t use sex and foul language to be funny. For him, that is an easy out. This movie, on the other hand, is heavily raunchy.

If that’s how you prefer your comedy, go by all means. If, on the other hand, you are watching this movie with, say, small children, a pastor, your parents, or a date, you might find yourself squirming. Comedy is best served squirm-free.

So, this movie has a lot of time-travel aspects, which I like, but the squirm is pretty brutal. John Cusack is shown in a picture, but he does not act on screen.  Sorry, Cusack fans.

It was a future reality, which reminds you of Back to the Future 2. Another plus if you liked that film. It talks about the evolution of television media. TV of the future is more brutal and graphic than TV of today. Viewers are invited to view this raunch as “hip and happening.”

Is it worth seeing? I’m gonna give it a 3, but others might rate it a 4. It totally depends on your taste in comedy.

Is it family safe? In the words of Amy Winehouse, “No no no.” I doubt even the trailer is safe for work.

Rated R
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Matt McCabe

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I know it's not fun to think about, but many disabled people have been killed by their caregivers. The media makes it sound like the disabled person was suffering. Like this is some kind of mercy. It is unacceptable. Everyone deserves a chance to live.

I'm speaking at this event. I would encourage all of you to be aware of your language. Murder is murder, and is unacceptable in all instances.
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Matt McCabe

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: a Movie Review

Hi Ho. And now we bring you an old movie review, but it's a movie I didn't see in the theater that I really wanted to. Thanks to my friend Deidre for exposing me to this gem... Semiprecious as it may be.

I am a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I liked the comic. I liked the 80's cartoon. The live action movies? Meh... We'll skip those. They have always been in the "so bad it's bad" category.

And then they released a 3D-animated version called just TMNT. That was SO COOL! Did you see it? Not a whole Lotta people even heard about it (even fans). If you like the Turtles, go out and see that film. It's a keeper.

And that brings us to THIS iteration, and it's a stinker. Normally I can overlook a lot of bad things in a movie and just enjoy it for what it was. This movie... This shall not stand!

Let's start with how they look. Overall, not bad. I prefer this to the Styrofoam look of the 80's. That is, of course for... OH MY GOSH WHAT'S GROWING OUT OF DONATELO'S FACE? Oh, those are supposed to be high tech gizmos 'cause he's supposed to be the smart one. And look, he's got thick glasses all taped in the middle. Cute.


If you wanna make a character smart, don't use lazy tricks. Use some smart dialogue. But that would require paying a writer some money... And not even a good writer, just a writer. Next time you wanna make one of these movies, I'd be honored. Just let me know.

And these guys live in a sewer. Where did they get the wall of flat-screen monitors? Mayhap they don't use all their powers for good?

Problem #2. Shredder. If you're even slightly a fan, you know what he looks like. Face-covered samurai with claws in each hand. Easy, right? No no. This is the big screen version! Bigger! Better!

This is no longer Shredder. This is Mr. Ginsu. This is a nightmare from the "Does It Blend?" guy. This is the Leaning Tower of Cutlery.

But I digress... Into teeny tiny pieces.

Megan Fox pulls off April O'Neil. Will Arnett pulls off... That other guy.

With the exception of the glaring problems above... The movie was pretty meh. Neither good nor bad.

Is it family safe? Yes. Ninjas be what ninjas be. If we're all good with that, we're good.

Rated PG-13
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Matt McCabe

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I posted over on Facebook, but I forgot to share here... 
London McCabe's family is talking about his death for the first time. His father and uncle are still working through grief, but they want something good to come from this tragedy.
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Thank you, Gerri and George.
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Matt McCabe

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Exodus: Gods and Kings: a Movie Review

When I did some research, I found out this film was banned in Egypt. Really? That controversial, huh?

No, it wasn’t.

This is a retelling of the 10 Commandments, as told by Ridley Scott.

So let’s start with the historical inaccuracies. The cast is largely white. That is to be expected with a big Hollywood film. The setting of the film is the Middle East, where most characters would not be white. Moses may or may not have been present in the battle that is shown. Jews probably didn’t build the pyramids, as shown. They don’t really know which pharaoh it was. Moses hit his head, and the voice of God may or may not have been a concussion. The voice of God is played by an in-person, young boy.

Right there, you’re looking at a movie. It’s a work of fiction. Get over it.

It was made by the same guy who brought us Alien. Please don’t tell me about the historical inaccuracies in that film. If that film were released today, would it be banned by some ethnic group for its portrayal of the Alien? That’s just great, man. We’re all gonna die (Aliens, not Alien… I know)!

As this film unfolded, I kept thinking about chariots. They were the Hummer of their time. They looked pretty proud of themselves as they went out to battle. It was amazing to think of chariots as being the latest and greatest military hardware. What would they have done with today’s technology?

I thought it was a good film about the plagues. Each miracle was shown as might have gone down, complete with convincing cgi special-effects. Moses was shown to just be a guy, which he was. He was full of all the failings and self-doubt that we all grapple with.

If you’re in the mood for a good retelling of the 10 Commandments, check this out. Mention the inaccuracies to your kids prior to the film, and just sit back and enjoy. Good, clean, family fun.

Is it family safe? Yes.

Rated PG-13
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Matt McCabe

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Matt McCabe

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Black or White: a Movie Review

And yet again, we have a so-so movie. It's not terribly good, nor is it not terribly bad.

At the beginning of the movie, we meet the Kevin Custer character, who is dealing with the loss of his wife and his daughter. He has the daughter of his daughter (his granddaughter) living with him. The granddaughter happens to be mixed race. I would say that that doesn't matter, but it's the whole premise of the movie, so I guess it matters. The grandmother on the other side (the black side) thinks the girl should be raised with black influences/role models. Court battle ensues.

I could feel for the Kevin Costner character. He was in a lot of pain just dealing with life. I could sympathize a lot. But just this crux of pain doesn't make a whole movie by itself, in my opinion.

The courtroom drama felt secondary to this man's personal drama, and yet the whole focus of this movie seemed to be on it's "controversial theme."


Is it family safe? The 'n' word is used. One character is attacked at knife point. There's some intensity there.

Rated PG-13
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Matt McCabe

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A Tale of Woe: Buying a Used Car

If you've attended Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course, you're probably expecting to spend about $1000 on a used car. While this may be possible from a private seller, be prepared to spend several times that from a dealer.

When you walk into a car lot, used or otherwise, the salesman is trying to get you into a car at that very moment. That may not be in your best interest.

If you pick a car at random, then you're casting lots with the universe. Worse than that, you're likely to choose poorly. Remember, the previous owners might have been selling their car for a reason. It's not just the salesman who might be taking advantage of you.

In my case, I picked out what looked like a decent vehicle. If I had taken even a small break to do a Google search, I would have seen that minivans have had problems for about 30 years.

So when I very soon had problems, I took it to a mechanic. They assured me it was fine. When it wasn't, I visited another. He said it was a battery issue and sold me a new battery. When I continued to have trouble, I had the vehicle towed to another mechanic. It started fine for him. He sent me home without even looking at it. The engine died while I was driving it home. Clearly it still had issues.

I thought, "Surely the dealership would know what to do."

They didn't. They also wanted to charge a crap-ton of money. Oh, and they didn't fix the problem. Did I mention that?

At this point, I was feeling sorry I got a car. Again the car wouldn't start. Having AAA Plus, I had 100 miles of free towing. Get AAA. It's a good service. I've tried other Roadside Assistance and come back to AAA.

Anyhow, the dealership mechanic offered to take a crack at it. 88 miles away. Done. They diagnosed a bad instrument cluster board (what the Internet had said). After the board was replaced, the car engine worked, but the electrical didn't (radio/locks/etc). Turns out that a new board has to be calibrated, and that can only be done by a dealership.

At this point, Brian Potter offered to help. He works as a mechanic for a dealership in Newport. Not only did he calibrate the board (yeah for the keys to work again!) but he also found a bad fuse. This is an easy thing you would think five or six mechanics (what number are we on?) would have found.

I was happy to have a working van again. I drove back home to Vancouver. The next day, the battery was dead. It wouldn't take a charge. I was stuck.

Just as I was about to contact yet another mechanic, Jennifer contacted me. It just so happened that their family was driving up to Washington for vacation. They offered to swing by. I was saved!

After looking it over, he was having trouble getting it to take a charge, too. Turns out the battery connections were completely corroded. It wouldn't consistent give or take a charge. That'll cause all kinds of issues.

This is also something that should have been caught by many mechanics before. Even the dealership, which is one I can't fathom.

The moral of the story is that a good mechanic, one who actually fixes things, is a rare and wonderful thing. Appreciate him or her.
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Matt McCabe

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It is fixed! The van has visited SIX different mechanics. Five minutes with a master and the thing's finally working. I set off my car alarm today! It's never worked before, so at first I didn't know what to do!
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Back alley stuff eh?  You always were a little shady.
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