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Twitter is using SPDY now:
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This is pretty cool. SPDY totally compliments the UX that Twitter has been using for a while but I didn't realize SPDY was ready for 3rd party use yet.
Google+ uses SPDY, which is one of the reasons it's so fast when using Chrome.
+Scott Ferguson, yep, that's correct; Google's cloud infrastructure automatically uses SPDY with any browser that supports it. So, as long as the site is hosted using that infrastructure (i.e. this might not apply to Google acquisitions that haven't switched to that infrastructure), it automatically gets SPDY... which is awesome, because if you create a website on App Engine, for example, you don't need to do anything at all to get it.
That's awesome. I'd love to see more services adopt Google's other lower-level optimizations for TCP for example.
+Josh Nursing yeah. The TCP slow start hack reducing the initial congestion window and the 1 second initial timeout period. Although, Slow start is used by almost all major internet services, it would be good to have the initial timeout window set a bit low. Though, these TCP improvements would just assume that networks everywhere have gotten better, leaving behind archaic ones. Isn't it the same analogy, where we support legacy drivers in Linux!
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