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The original Rorschach version was interesting in its own way.
I'm pretty sure that this correlation does equal causation.
Not using MS (system or browser), but never trust statistics you didn't fake yourself :)
Bill, the murder rate is the left axis, the IE market share is the right.
Did you adjust the 2 scales to get this to fit?
I know whenever I used IE I wanted to kill people... 
Hah!  I always thought IE was evil, but I had no idea of the reality!  Whoa!
+Georg Grabler No, that would suggest that ~14800 americans were murdered last year, and that IE had a 45% market share.
+Reality Cheque so it would turn out that the y axis is about percentage of the total, means 1800 is 100 % (murder rate), and ie dropped of 100 % to ~40%?
Haha! I can so the correlation between the two
It seems the joke is lost as the majority of people have difficulty reading graphs.
+Georg Grabler The two Y-axis scales are not related. The line (murder rate) is related only to the left axis. The bars (IE market share) are only related to the right axis. There is no %age connected to the murder rate at all.
The column in the right side represents IE's maket share. The column in the left side represents the number of murders in the year. The title is inverted, just that.
+Peter Fobian <insert rant about schools here> but yeah you're right. I didn't think twin-axis graphs would be that commonly misunderstood.
point: both are declining....
+Reality Cheque i still suggest that the murder rate went down because the suicide went up due to the current state of the world we live in :).
I would find it more believable in a suicide statistic.
+Derrick Rhoton I commiserate you on the death of your sense of humour, but well done on getting a job working for MS.
+Nathan O'Kane no, don't. competition is worth it, and ms shall compete, the more competition the better, the more different opinions about technology etc.
+Victor Barry well, interpretation whise it's ok, but as long as you don't know the base data, you can't judge.
It's a ridiculous conclusion. Assuming a relationship that may not exist. It's funny, but ridiculous
I use IE, have no problems, but understand the hate on it. 
Obama will take IE away after he takes our guns!
+Nathan O'Kane i wouldn't put that figures in a direct relation without counting suicides. Secondly, as long as I don't know the base data used, the graph is worth less than nothing :).
Murders in the US were 73% in 2006. 73% of what? 
Yes, stop using internet explorer. The life you save could be your own.
The scariest part about this graph is that at one point, more than 75% of us were using Internet Explorer. 
Well now you can just whip out chrome and watch a murder online somewhere probably :l
Awesome mashup, +Matt Mastracci - great find of putting these two, seemingly disparate datasets together and making them look like they make sense.
Forget gun control, we need IE control!
IE should be federally limited to 10 tabs only
This graph is funny, but wow… some people really need to learn to read graphs & when to shut the … up! 
something to think about......
Nice graph but correlations are a bitch. I saw a similar graph which appeared to show there was a correlation between the length of a  woman's skirt/dress and sunspot activity. Strange old world!
Obviously the two axis intervals are adjusted to create the impression of correlation, but it makes sense anyway ;)
Do you mean murder and mutilation of web pages? If so, there is a clear relatio n between the two..
Hope our president will be out of harms way when he swears into office. May GOD  bless him
Just proof you can make stats say anything you like. Gotta share though, love the brain-pattern of whoever put this together originally.
IE useful for getting chrome or fifo. fifo is great for dloading .iso of linx to replace microsux :)
Cool but I thought murders would be higher
Guess we should ban Internet like some nuts want to ban guns. Lol
You nerds keeping rocking my world! Deuces! 
Noel R.
very very similar XD
 causation does equal correlation; no matter what anyone says
While hilarious I would like to point out that the graphs start and end at pretty arbitrary points.
Don't let the NRA and House Republicans see this Mr. Gates, they will try to get IE banned in order to bring the murder rate to zero.
Makes sense. Stop the hate and violence.  Now what is the relationship between facebook unemployment?
I think people have overlooked an equally disturbing explanation for this correlation: IE's market share went down because its users keep getting murdered by Firefox users!
+Nathan O'Kane I'm with you. Ban IE! They have become so full of themselves at MS. They make claims to finally support standards, but then release a full product once again with absolutely none! All they do is write useless new bloated features (about as good as spyware BHOs) then burp, wipe their a$$ and then fart out another crap release. They singlehandedly caused 80% of web developers to change careers, which made an immediate spike in outsourcing to Indian coders.

BAN IE! Hear me clearly! BAN IT!!!!!!
IE is a necessary evil. It obviously causes murders, but without it you can't download other browser, for Windows users anyways. Linux and Mac users would be fine. Maybe we should get rid of Windows too? Haha! Also, do some people actually believe something just because it is accompanied with a graph? #facepalm

"73% of statistics are made up on the spot." - Me
+J. S. Hansenius Then why does over a ton of them hit the Earth every week?
I wear tiger balm to keep Tigers away and to tell you the truth I have not even heard of a tiger attack anywhere near here
And don't even get me started on Windows Media Player....
Scratching my head here trying to understand the complete humour failure of some folks. Of course this graph is utter bollocks. That doesn't stop it from being funny. Just remember; there are lies, damned lies and statistics. ;-) 
So, how do we get the murder rate below 12000?
Actually you don't need IE on windows to download another browser! It's true. Look up Wikipedia on something called FTP. Comes with every version of Windows. Now stop that ridiculous claim that you need it to download something else.
I love that story about how some MS offices were broken into and the only things stolen were some Apple iPads. Lol!
+Florian Maul you give every law abiding citizen a gun. That's how! If every thug out there knew that he'd get a cap in his a$$ if he even aimed a gun at somebody, he'd think it over real good first.
Andy L.
Doesn´t make sense....
+Ryan M. Tillotson Except only criminals do that sort of thing. And criminals will get their guns anyway, because all of them know where to get guns illegally. At least, that is an often heard argument against it. Apparently every single citizen knows how to get illegal weaponry, or so the pro-gun lobby thinks.
Not a spurious correlation at all!
wow its crazy  how  this is
so much MURDER :O
ok why is this blowing my email up am only 14
"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” – George Washington
and idk what  yall are doing expt I comment on it this happen
Funny but mean. I like it or +1 it.
why should we worry, the bufollo  is happy
<laugh>  A great proof of the lack of link between correlation and causation.  

The other one I heard about (Atlantic Magazine, I think?) was that the drop in violent crime in general in the US maps directly with the aging-out of the young male population from those who may have been exposed to lead in the air as a result of lead in cars.
Sweet since there is only 14,000 gun death in the us I guess the prob has solved itself
All we need is luv. All we need is love. All we need is love love love. All we need is love. Peace! 
There are three types of lies. White lies, damn lies, and statistics.
+Justin Hite 14,000 homicides in general.  "Only" 11,00 of them were with firearms.  :)
And how many of them 11,000 were accidental "friendly" fire or on purpose suicides?!
Cause seriously i would like to know. Being as I reside in this ohhhhh dangerous United States of America since oh well many generation! 
this is why I use chrome and safari
Save a life; use a webkit browser.
I can't stop laughing )))))))))
you sir are awesome
Now I know the reason I seldom visit this ridiculous site !!!
But it an interesting correlation.
One more proof that correlation is not causation.
+Rebecca Lee Actually the 11,000 is homicides.  Does not include suicides or those ruled accidents.  
A lot of variance in 2009 & 2010, but still funny as hell.
This post just cracks me up and the amount of time I spent reading the comments... No comment. I love Google +
+Joejoe Vexal because IE is an abomination for web programmers. That's just my perspective, other have their reasons.
+Joejoe Vexal it is terrible for web designers and therefore users because it doesn't follow web standards very well.  Like the rest of Windows, it is a giant security hole, and you can't uninstall it from Windows (at least not in the US version), which can make it hell to fix when it gets infected by malware.  It's also inelegant compared to Chrome and anemic compared to Firefox.
IE , isn't that something that screams in a comic book?Although with less ,blue screens of horror, I'm sure you could and have linked  the two
Since the decline in murder rate leads the drop in market share slightly, this graph would seem to imply that a large portion of murderers happen to use IE... but as they either die, kill themselves or are arrested, their use of IE drops as well.

Internet Explorer... the murderer's choice!
its funny how some people can create google accounts, but have difficulty studing graphs. Lmao what a shame. Awesome post though
I HATE EXPLORER !!! hahaha ! that is funny 
Nowi can say " Chrome I'd making the world a safer place". Lol
ummm... could you add jersey shore and MTV ratings to that chart as well, i want to see if there's a trend there :-/
Thats amzing its terrible for u to live ika davis
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James K
That's just funny

I find it so mind boggling that it society works like this. I mean seriously with every bad thing that happens in the world and the second or society can take they choose to tweet it. All I have to say is wow.

We have to end browser-related violence! Think of the children...
A MUCH BETTER graph that would actually be of intellectual value would be a broken-line graph that shows the declining US murder rate at the same time that more and more Americans are owning assault weapons. Such a graph would be useful because it would show how deceptive and corrupt Barack Obama and the Dems are for pushing for an assault weapons ban. Talk about a wasted opportunity, Matt!
Interestingly enough, there are quite a few factors that determine murder rates and crime statistics in a region. For example, it is possible to have a tangible decrease in an urban region by planting trees and other greenery along the sidewalks.

In general, though, it seems to me that isolated incidents of mass violence tend to be perpetrated by individuals who, psychologically, feel that the outward world has prevented them from achieving life-goals or goals that they feel they deserve. The interesting thing is that the pathology shifts with cultural norms.

The effect of this is that sociopaths tend to perform actions that society, paradoxically, expects of sociopaths. These are usually actions that mass media and the like glorify, such as terrorism and such. A good example of the effect was in Victorian Era England, where the societal pathology then, cannibalism, was acted out by sociopaths of that era.

In general, however, media and glorification of violence doesn't appear to cause these isolated incidents. They shape their form, but there is a higher correlation with other statistics like poverty and lack of social mobility than there is anything else.

In terms of gun violence in general, the sociopaths differ from random gun violence in that random gun violence is often perpetrated by individuals pushed past their breaking point and lashing out in stress. These tend to be one murder/homicide deals. Whereas the sociopaths tend to actively fulfill the "vendettas" that mass media thrusts onto them.

Bottom Line? Eh, it's a toss up.
Proving that the murder rate was due to the lousy performance of the MS browser driving users into murderous rages.
Thank god for Big Data!
yes, few years later when i was using IE and not familar with Browsers... I could be in those numbers. Thanks to FF and chrome ... they life savers :D
wow... another bitter repub... since Obama Obama Obama
Theres always been murders there in the bible adam and eves sons did it--this is not new--what you have to do is not let yourself become one of the numbers on the chart-so far ive managed-there has been some scary/hairy moments but im still here-i bet there r a lot who have had close calls -fate destiny kismet karma call it what you will---bad things can happen to good people
So you are telling me that Microsoft is paying people to be murderer! Using their market shares!
I find it likely that Dan Quayle's support and belief in global warming may go by a similar curve...
Its amazing how dumb people are, do you really think the president really has the power to take away arms. One person does not run this country, before you make stupid political comments educate yourself first.
+Donald Byrd The president has influence, he has the power to do a lot more the you (or the constitution) gives him credit for.
Forget the war on video games! I'm gonna protest IE!
Tiberius the president doesn't act alone, he can't just pass laws its not the way it works maybe you should study up.
People get killed everywhere not just in America
+Donald Byrd apparently you didn't read my comment, dismissing people in the way you do is pure arrogance. Maybe you are the one who needs to read up on what the president can actually do? He has influence with many people, manipulation is very important in politics. 
Its a joke damn people, its to show that's how horrible ie.
Tiberius I read what you wrote although in broken English. I never said the president doesn't have power. I wrote what I wrote because someone made a comment about Obama what's going on with guns.
Joke turned serious...don't joke on something serious is my lesson
"The president has influence, he has the power to do a lot more the you (or the constitution) gives him credit for." if that is broken than you could not pass a middle school English class, learn to read!
How you form I'm arrogant from one statement... I don't know. Throwing around words doesn't make you intellectual. Good day sir!
"A lot more the you" makes no damn sense. Lmao. Maybe you need to read again. 
+Donald Byrd Tiberius, I read what you wrote, although in broken English. I never said the president doesn't have power. [this section needs complete revising] I wrote what I wrote because someone made a comment about Obama what's going on with guns.
all I can say is.. dumb ass
The reason? Internet Explorer has killed more people at a faster rate than live human births. 
Your a CUNT. Go back to playing with your barbie and ken dolls cause you have no friends.
+Donald Byrd well don't try to pick a fight with someone who outclasses you; don't act smart if you can't back it up, you're gonna get another thing coming to you. You must be new here :3
Yes I know its you're my phone didn't change it. My problem is he called me a dumbass.
dont use internet explorer and then the murder rate will be zero
""A lot more the you" makes no damn sense. Lmao. Maybe you need to read again." cute +Donald Byrd, apparently you are the only one in the world who can insult people.

an obvious typo is acceptable, blatant disregard for grammar is another question.
I'm not acting smart. You chose to comment with on my response. You could've just ignored what I wrote. I'm smarter than you with your ratchet Justin bieber haircut, how old are u twelve.
+Donald Byrd well if you have to use such low arguments you're running out ground to stand on. I'm sure everyone can see that hair style has nothing to do with intelligence; my hair, in this picture is in an intermediate stage of growth, I like it long. However, it is people without real profile pictures who turn out to be rather unattractive.

regardless of menial things like appearance: "how old are u twelve" really, it is "you" are you challenged, maybe you should get help from your mother. 
+Tracy Page "The president has influence, he has the power to do a lot more [than] you (or the constitution) gives him credit for." I am referring to the corruption in the government, how am I wrong? I never said half of what you attest to me.
It was just to put you down not to show intelligence. I don't need a profile pic to show anyone. I'm a private person. If you think your attractive maybe you should up your meds.
+Donald Byrd as your arguments make less and less sense you only drag yourself down. Please, I don't think I'm that attractive (what does that have to do with meds anyway?) the point being, you have little ground to stand on.
I love correlation without causation. 

The Murders are not declined with rate. This is Fiction.
IE 6 is the best browser. Come at bro.
+Tracy Page the president can manipulate congress, he can manipulate the people and has far more media influence than anyone. The constitution doesn't give him the kind of power he really has.
Ya I usually align all bar graph axis data to the left and the line grpah to the right. Find that mosy people assume the left side axis numbers belong to the bars in a combo chart. 
Is bill gates hiding behind a green bar ?
'Cos 14500 murders is so much better than 18000
Hello, I believe I may be in the wrong decade. I keep seeing Internet Explorer and Windows jokes, so I suspect I may have inadvertently traveled back in time to 1998. Unfortunately, it is not far enough back in time to make these jokes funny or the Simpsons good again. Please point me in the direction to the nearest DeLorean or Wormhole and I'll be on my way.
Hahahaha. Sort of like the Pirate's and Global Warming one, and the correlation is far far closer than the deaths vs. guns ones (where if you throw out the US as a data point, the line becomes vertical)
so many IEers on this post
Now let's see Chrome market share and the national debt!
We need to kill ie7, the numbers don't lie
actually, Google could add transparency to its web browser, that would make it better.
Hang on ... so there's a correlation?! Lol
I can see there might be a causal link here.
I think everyone has the causation backwards. Someone is killing IE users.
Guns don't kill people, Internet explorer kills people.
Internet explorer doesnt kill people, people kill Internet explorer
And this is why I love Google+
I totally understand why
Interestingly enough 90% of those murderers were web developers.
Xin Li
In related news. 10 in 10 murderers use toothpaste.
Jeff R.
So are you suggesting that when people use IE they kill more?
I can't believe this stat because murder is up over 10 years.
any ratio, can not become a parameter , of any happens even after or before...... 
Call it the bill Gates factor. it's a funny parody. I haven't used ie in years unless forced too. It does make one want to lose it. lol. 
Really Interesting. why ie market share down ?
if ($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] == 'Internet Explorer') { $correlation = 'causation'; }
I wonder what kind of an idiot you must be to put this two things on the same graph?
This whole debate is stupid. Ill agree with whatever gun law you want if you admit the roots of the problem lie in Americans becoming dumber then ever, mostly in part due to a horrid economy (entirely because of the CABAL running the government puppets) ... Does anyone remember when parents of the MAJORITY (middle/lower class) of kids actually tried to spend time with their kids? Sure I could make a graph showing the increase of violence with relevance to parents not being able to afford, and I mean that both time and money wise, spending time with their children and guiding them? It also didn't just start in the last few years...
Ah, but I have a chart showing IE Market Share decreasing, as Global Warming problems increase. 
Coincidence, or conspiracy?!
Pray with I.....Ourfarther.... 
That's evil.

This being said, the correlation is much less dramatical when you shift the graphs so that the zero points actually coincide.
+Reality Cheque If +Georg Grabler IS a troll, he's only succeeding at making me laugh rather than making me mad. I'm hoping he is trying to be funny, rather than revealing extreme lack of knowledge. I find it too hard to believe that he seriously doesn't know the years are reflected in the y-axis or that this is one graph superimposed on another.
Now if it could only kill those popups
there is Internet Explorer 7,8 or high and then gonna high :P
Wow I'm being sarcastic lol
Omg I thought it said Harry and Taylor r dead

Just need point out that the "Murder rate" is not a rate. With all of the discussion on gun control I keep seeing murder numbers over time called a rate. A rate would be the numer of murders per 100,000 people. This is important because if we compare 1980 numbers to today there are almost 50% more people. So an increase in nominal murders could be confused with a decrease in the murder rate.
good thing its going down
+Alex Woodpecker , I have no concerns about walking outside and getting shot.  Remember, we have 310 million people, more than most of Europe combined (though not all), so the number of gun homicides per capita is not very high.  TOO high to be sure, but it's not a dangerous COUNTRY to live in.  There are just small areas that are dangerous, mostly in the "wrong part of town" in cities.
yes very very very good thing this one
+Alex Woodpecker Like I said, the number is still too high.  I'm just saying that it's not a dangerous nation.  

In times of social unrest here, guns have saved lives and property.  They may prevent as many as 2 million crimes a year, though those numbers are difficult to validate.  There's an upside and a downside.  

The causes of gun violence in America have at its roots factors like the war on drugs, urbanization, and moral decay.  Which is in turn multiplied by the easy availability of firearms.
People get killed everywhere not just in America
People get killed everywhere not just in America
Fear is one of the basic instincts of the living beings so the guns too  some times  prevent the crimes temporarily---  For permanent cure people must liquidate the killing instinct in oneself  as mahavira ,gautam&ghandhi taught  us------CPS
How do conflate to unrelated things - 101...
1. IE declined due to market competition by chrome, firefox etc.
2. MR declined due to increase in happiness index.
Now company need to start its actual progress growth parameters
both in decline from the looks of this graph
The proportions are skewed...  but it's a good laugh :)
This is similar data analysis as done by the global warming zealots. Correlation does not prove causation. If even 10% of the population understood this, our citizens wouldn't be so gullible.
The logic conclusion is that Microsoft should support murders for the purpose of increasing IE market share.
We should send this to the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Friends don't let friends use internet explorer.
oh really.......!  but some  frenchisee insist for internet.explorer
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