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I snooped out a few more upcoming Google+ features in the source. Looking forward to hashtag auto-completion myself. Updated circle management is also going to be very welcome.

Any ideas what "Recommendations" are going to be?
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The new circle management seems to conveniently coincide with Google's acquisition of Katango, no?
+Andrew Brown It might be. "Increase" and "decrease" the size of circles seems like it might have something to do with automatic circle building. I updated the post with your thought. Thanks!
The algorithm that Katango brings will definitely enable fast circle building; will definitely need it with so many new followers and could get auto suggested in the notifications as to which circle to which they could get placed into based on their connections; Recommendations would probably be for Google+ Pages, News, Sports, Etc.
Whoa! I just found two more features (the post is updated with screenshots of these features):

- You can now control who can post on your public posts, limit by circle, etc.
- You can now start a hangout from ANY post!
I actually like the limited commenting on public posts. Say I comment on something like climate change, and want to hashtag it so others know about it. BUT ... I don't want "denialists" to be able to comment on it.
Found another one: "mute this person" (screenshot in post)
Yeah, what's the diff between muting and blocking a person?
Another interesting tweak I found: the sharing drop-down is getting a minor makeover with icons (screenshot in post).
Increase/decrease circle size are actually pretty boring now that I've looked into it... they just affect the size of the circles on the circle editing page. Might be an internal option.
Great finds. Many of these issues were ones I wanted to see.
I'm waiting for "extended circle" in the singular; would like that, to be able to post to all the people who are in the circles of just one circle of mine.
Wow, the recommendations feature can become the most important feature of Google+, finally a meaning to the whole +1 thing, it'll be able to give you recommended items based on what other people like that like the kind of stuff that you like.
I've been wondering how long it would take for something like this, in part .... Google integrating recommendations into ads. Which is surely part of what's behind it.
well #Google+ making sure #Twitter life as hell LOL
Please Google... i want a new user LIMIT ... 5.000 is not enough ..... i play all the games, have only in CityVille 1500 players in my Circle .... so please set it up to 10.000 or 20.000 >.< for brands i had to create a new page .....
I'm so glad I have +Matt Mastracci in 3 circles so I don't miss anything from him, as he usually posts when I sleep... :-) Great work, thanks!
The welcome page is already active, you'll see it if you create a brand new Google+ profile.
+Matt Mastracci Off topic, in desperation. Matt, I sent you a complete proper Dutch translation of Replies and more. Once using e-mail, a few weeks later using a 1-to-1 share. Never had any response. What's wrong? Not interested (I'm a professional copywriter and former Magento editor in chief)? Am I being blocked? -- Sorry for misusing this post. I don't know how to contact you in any other way.
I already saw the games in the sidebar before they launched the business pages.
+Riemer Thalen Sorry about that - I get a fair number of emails, and sometimes they just get lost. I'll dig it up and make sure it makes it to the next version.
+Thorben Groth the "wall" is already implemented: you can visit someone's profile and, if you're in their extended circles, you'll see a "send a message" button that you can press to contact that person.

"But that's not like Facebook's wall", you'll say. And that's precisely my point, it was never going to be like that. The word "wall" should have never been used, the only thing it did was lead to misunderstandings.
I really like the mute person that will help a lot for people who post many funny things but yet unappropriated to be seen at job. I hope they also include mute game. I'm quite tired to hide all game streams for things I just don't care.
Im really hoping (and praying) they add "circle nesting". It would be nice to have circles in a hierarchical format. rather than having hundreds of circles
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