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Matt Marlow
Proud to be an American
Proud to be an American

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Are you on the Obama drone list? 

Why does Léo Apotheker still have a job?
The Board of Directors for HP have to see this guy is not good for HP's future.
I say rehire Mark Hurd and get this company back in the right track.

Sad day if HP kills Webos :(

I accidently deleted a post that I started a couple of weeks ago or it just disappeared. Just when it was getting interesting boom gone. 

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Oh I guess if you don't actually cut spending along with raising the debt ceiling your Credit rating gets downgraded. 

Senate Democrats have failed to pass a budget for 825 days and counting, violating the 1974 Budget Act that requires an annual budget.

Will they blame the GOP for this also? 

Bud lite lime tastes great after a long bike ride but does it defeat the purpose of the ride.

Aaahh who cares
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