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Facebook, the new photo leader online? ( #socialmedia )
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what kind of things did you want out of Flickr that yahoo didnt provide?
One of the things about flickr is that there are too many photos for someone to view. The great success of instagram lies in the fact that most people post only their best shot from a particular moment. On flickr, you could have 10 shots from one walk.

If flickr had some sort of way that allowed the photographer to pick their best photo from the set of photos that were just uploaded. Then I could just simply follow the best photos of a person.

With all the overload that people have now, we are going to find that other services need to do two things:

1) Allow people who upload to pick the best item out of the many items they post. (allow the uploader to immediately say which is best. Facebook kinda determines the best posts a person makes by how many comments/likes it gets, but that's after the fact). Instagram is the model for how to do this.

2) Force people who upload content to categorize what it is. There's certain types of posts that people make that I have no interest in. But I don't want to unsubscribe from that person entirely. If people categorized their posts, then I could follow what I want to follow. Pinterest is the model for how to do this.

I'm gonna make this comment into a blog post on my blog about syndication. Thanks fred!
I think Instagram and Flickr are trying to do two different things. If you want your best pictures on Flickr, well, only upload those ;)

Flickr is an online photo album..maybe its archaic in idea, but yeah you're going to have to suffer through peoples bad pics on there. You have to suffer through peoples "bad" pics on any gallery site, since its all subjective.

I know you'll disagree though :P
You can certainly just make an album on Flickr that is just BEST OF and select your best pics yourself
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