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Which is your favorite Ewok on Twitter? 
25 Ewoks roam the forests of Twitter. They range from the cute and adorable to the heavily ironic and twisted. Which Ewoks should you be following on Twitter? Let’s go through the Ewok village to uncover the best Ewoks on Twitter. The best Ewok on Twitter The best Ewok should have the most followers, right? However, …
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Seeing the real style guide for the World Series is so cool! 
Creating a custom scorecards for Chicago magazine required a custom scorecard template, which included the Chicago magazine logo and the World Series logo. Using official logos makes it all official The logo for Chicago magazine was sent to me from their digital editor. He kindly asked me if I wanted to include it. Heck yeah! …
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Today starts the first of 13 blog posts covering the 2016 World Series scorecards.

Every day throughout this series I'll post behind-the-scenes views of how my World Series scorecards were made. Loaded with visuals, this will be lots of fun! 
How did Chicago magazine find my scorecards? How did I react? Here’s the story about how it happened. The Cubs going to the World Series is enough excitement for any Cubs fan. My excitement got doubled over as Chicago magazine asked to use my scorecard as a blog post on their site, and credit me …
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Matt Maldre

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I really like the opening quote. Quite amazing to think that during Jesus' time, people actually saw God. And many denied him, for they were too rooted in this physical world.
"In all three faiths mankind strives for God through the Word. But unlike Muslims and Jews, Christians (or at least early Christians) have...
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Matt Maldre

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Very interesting notion of priviledge in the self-portrait. Abstracted white male, personality stripped away leaving just the digital priviledge we have (I'm also white male). What would be the portrait of one without priviledge? A slave's footprints in the dirt? Limited freedoms as captured by police cams during an arrest?
When I first begin painting, I would always make self portraits. Perhaps this was because in myself I had a free-of-charge life-model who wa...
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Matt Maldre

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The essence of Hopper captured. Although, I'd like to add that as much as there is death in the city, there is also much life in the city as well.
Quite a favourite of ours over at Sputnik, this week I spent my free-est time reading Francis Schaeffer’s Death in the City. In this series ...
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Matt Maldre

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Throwback to 2007 when Chicago was making a bid to host the Olympics. #chicago2016
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How I screwed up my first professional scorecard for the World Series
The anticipation runs high The Cubs are about to play their first World Series game in 71 years. The moment everyone has been waiting for. And I’m about to fill out an official scorecard for Chicago magazine to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people! First food for daughter AND World Series on same …
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Bob Costas dared us. 
I’m still in shock that the premier magazine in Chicago is commissioning me to create scorecards for all the 2016 World Series games. A lot of the thanks and credit has to go to my twin brother Erik who designed this scorecard. My family are big scorecard keepers at the ballpark. We love to keep …
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How frequent does a unanimous Rookie of the Year happen?
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Matt Maldre

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I found your blog by searching for Gesa Elsbeth Thiessen. (Today I found her new book, "Remembering the Reformation: Martin Luther and Catholic Theology", so I was googling her.) I must say that I'm very happy to have found your blog. You have some very interesting blog posts. As a Christian and artist myself, I find your work very inspiring.
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Matt Maldre

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An idea: Set up Twitter to tweet one article a day from your blog, going backwards in time
Sometimes you come across a blog that is just incredible. After reading the latest ten to twenty posts, you want to read more. Instead you subscribe to the blog, figuring you’ll just read the new posts as they come in. An entire untapped archive of posts are waiting to be read. It’s a shame that these older posts won’t get …
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