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Matt Lingard
Educational Technologist in London
Educational Technologist in London

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Not a Lot. You'll like it but...

Is adding to Circle the rough equivalent of following on Twitter??

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A photo from a couple of weeks ago that Google+ surprised me with. It was instatntly uploaded without me realising

And can I turn of the message that pops up everytime telling me "nice share" or whatever it says. It's not very discerning

So G+ sharing etiqutte. I just went to share something and was warned that the original post had only been displayed to a circle and i should be "thoughtful" about who I share with...

I'm still thinking about it...

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Now I'm looking at Sparks. A saved search/filter of all public "shares" is how I'm seeing it. So I've done one for Moodle & one for London School of Economics

Yikes, this is a bit fiddly... the share button seems to vary in how it works or more likely I'm not quite getting it yet. Sometimes I have to clcik Share then choose who but sometimes it has automatically picked public for me. Why?

I imagine I'm getting moved out of some circles right now :)
Why does this share box sometimes
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