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The Liberty Theatre opened on February 11, 1918 in Youngstown, Ohio. It was designed by architect C. Howard Crane, later known for designing the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan. The 1,800 seat Liberty opened as a vaudeville theater, and was managed by C.W. Diebel. Diebel’s father had built a theater on the same lot as the Liberty, but it was demolished to make way for what would become the Paramount Theatre.
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The lighting here is so beautiful Matt. Great photograph. 
Love this so much! Really great composition - this place feels enormous!
Found this via Amy. Looks awesome. Love the perspective.
Tai Mi
wow!! it's so tragic to see something that was once to beautiful succumb to the elements and neglect.

i love abandoned buildings and always want to take pictures like these. how do you get into places like this ? or do you just risk the trespassing charges?? :)
At least the Civic Theater in Akron Ohio is still around. This picture make me a bit sad . Ohio has a rich history of lost buildings.
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