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Developer, Coder, Hacker, Engineer.
Developer, Coder, Hacker, Engineer.


Am I missing something or does using force.apexrest() send everything to Salesforce as query parameters?

I need to send large amounts of data via the request body, and while this previously worked well it seems now to be pumping everything into query params and subsequently failing.

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Are there any known issues with 5.0.1 and iOS 9.3?

I've removed our app from my iPad, built with Xcode and run it and it's falling over somewhere very early on. I'm just getting disassembly so don't have anything useful.

Last output is this:

"authenticationCompletion: Authentication flow succeeded. Initiating post-auth configuration.
2017/03/29 00:59:56.761 EgoSalesApp[366:550f] DEBUG com.salesforce <SFSmartStore>: initWithName:user:isGlobal: defaultStore, user: 00D90000000Hqg5EAC-00590000004t6rU-(null), isGlobal: 0"

And I've attached the call stack. Any ideas?


I'm trying to update a local hybrid app to 5.0.1 from 4.3.

I bit the bullet and created a new app using forceios create (there really should be a better way to do this!), and am now updating relevant parts of the codebase. Prior to this we were using forcetk to handle certain things, for example making REST requests to ApexREST webservices.

I've got a request working fine using force.apexrest(), but I do need the userId for a few other things.

force has a method called getUserId(), though that seems to be dependant on a local (to the module) value which isn't set. The oauth object just has the session Id, refresh and access token inside of it. How else can I get the user Id? Using login via cordova used to return a bunch of information such as instance url, user ID etc. Would be good if the login method of force.js passed this to the success handler.

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Kris Moyse explained what we do at Proximty Insight during Dreamforce 2016.

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Quick blog post on how to do split profile images with CSS.

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Girls Do Code.

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A new blog post, on why I think people should use GOTO.

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The #RetroComputing StackExchange proposal has hit the commit stage! Please commit and help us get this site live so we can have an amazing cross-community retro computing resource for Q&A :)
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