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Free Lightroom 4 Presets - Vignettes and Edge Darkening

I just posted a new pack of presets on my blog. These are specifically for adding vignettes and darkening the edges of your photos. There's 3 presets in the download (Light, Medium and Dark) so you can apply whichever one works best. 
Here's the link to download. Enjoy!
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+Scott Kelby 's Book for $10 and free Vignettes from you! It's like Christmas come early (or Chanukah come a little late)
Thnak you so much!
Great, I just downloaded nearly everything you had last night, and now you add more?
I sincerely appreciate your presets.  Went to your site today to see which ones I didn't have and downloaded some new ones.  Thank you very much!
Thanks ! Do you have any presets for high contrast B&W on snow day
I love your Presets Matt.  Great job! and Thank you.
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