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More Lightroom Sports Photo Presets

Not a great sports weekend here in Tampa. The Giants beat the Bucs. Even though I’m from New Jersey, I’ve been in Florida long enough (over 20 years) that I consider the Tampa Bay Bucs my home team. Sadly, my USF Bulls lost to Rutgers the other night too (yes, another New Jersey team). Oh well… 

Anyway, now that you have your sports update, let’s move on to the presets. Last week, over on my blog ( I released some sports photo presets for +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom that I used on some football photos I had. Usually whenever I post new presets, people who read the blog send me examples of what they’ve done with them. Well, I looked at one of the examples from last week, and saw something different. To me at least, their photo looked a little desaturated. I thought, “Hey this looks cool!”. It seemed to add to the drama that the effect has. So I went in and tweaked the presets from last week to have a kind-of desaturated look to them. I think I may even like it better than the other presets on some photos.

If you're interested in downloading them (for Lightroom 4 only - not Lightroom 3), then here's the link:

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Thanks Matt, I used your previous presets on a U10 soccer game I shot this weekend and they looked great. I did have to tone back the vignette a little. It's a little much for youth.
Yeah, nice one Mat...Time to revisit some old shot's, Thanks :-)
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