Details for My Castro Photowalk Tomorrow

Psyched to meet everyone for my photowalk tomorrow for the +Google+ Photographer's Conference. We'll be meeting at 3:00pm at the Castro Street MUNI Metro Station (Link:

Suggested Gear
I like to keep it REALLY simple:
• Camera
• 1 lens (maybe 2). For me, I'll have my 28-300. I may bring my 85mm f/1.4 just to be a little more creative but chances are the 28-300 won't come off my camera.
• I don't personally bring a tripod to daytime photowalks. Light is usually bright enough for hand held and if it's not, you can jack up your ISO a bit to get it there. I'll show you if you're unsure.
• Money (I prefer small bills) ;-) LOL! Just kidding. But some extra cash just in case you want to grab a drink or something to eat would help.

That's it. Keep it simple and it makes the photowalk so much more fun. See you tomorrow.
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