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Anyone Use A Shuttle Pro Device For Lightroom Yet?

I've seen some reviews on these ( and they look pretty cool. 
I've tried out a few #Lightroom  devices but I haven't settled on one yet. I kinda like the keyboard from Motibodo but it's a little pricey. Figured I'd see if anyone has a favorite. 
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I use a cheap USB numpad and remap the keys to Lightroom controls.
I've also been unwilling to commit until I see good reviews. With that said, this thing would be f'ing sick if it's really all that.
Hmmm. I have a shuttlepro sitting on my desk I use for video editing... it never occured to me to use it for Lightroom.  Now I've got something to do tonight!

Thanks Matt!
+Jared Platt first introduced this critter  to me.  He is a strong proponent of economy and efficiency - this is one tool he uses to get there in Lightroom.
Yes after watching +Jared Platt on creativeLive I bought one the next really is an awesome tool...I even have it programmed for Chrome, Premiere, LR and Explorer 
i use mine for premiere and after effects but never really thought of using it for LR. Care to share your shuttle presets +Matt Kloskowski ?
+1 on Jared's settings - works great with many programmable USB devices
Take a look at RPG Keys ( or the free alternative Paddy for Lightroom (dorfl68).  I am using the latter option with a X-Keys keypad and a MIDI controller!  Freaking awesome!
I use the Shuttle Pro. It's awesome with LR4!
It seems as though I live under a rock...I never new such things existed. Thanks for the insight
Matt, i do. It's fantastic. If you want i can share with you my settings... you can add many settings as you want, each for module or a lot for module and the best is, if you change the software that your are using, the Shuttle Pro changes the settings automatically

Resurrecting and old thread. Matt, what did you decide on?

I have never seen someone use a ShuttlePro in person.  Am I correct that you would use the ShuttlePro with your left hand and a tablet with your right hand? Basically the ShuttlePro is replacing the keyboard.

Any additional thoughts would be appreciated.
Vsco keys is a place the get "low cost" customization of lightroom on your keyboard. You can try it for free too before you buy.
did someone use the shuttlepro v2 in combination with the vsco keys and have some experience with them?
Does Shuttle Pro v2 work with Lr5 and Mavericks? I heard you need some updates on drivers etc. Can anyone verify this prior to me purchasing Shuttle Pro?
It works for me.  Running LR5 and 10.9
I know it's an old thread but... hope there are people with some experience with this combo now =) What I would need to know is can you map your develop presets to the buttons? I know you can map functions but what about presets? LR CC especially
In combination with the vsco keys it works perfect! :-)
Thanks =) good to know! am familiar with VSCO keys already with extended keyboard..
I use Shuttle pro v2 + paddy lightroom for touching up my event photos, lightning fast and very cool when clients see it. unfortunately paddy lightroom doesnt support adobee CC
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