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+Brian Matiash... Must...resist...urge to shoot... Train tracks!!!
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Just say NO Matt...just say NO! Friends don't let friends shoot train tracks!
must have been the shirley temple.
The real mark of a pro photog is to make an image of a homeless man with his cat up a dead tree surrounded by flowers and near train tracks. Remember, you have to tell a story.

Look for some bricks for backgrounds after that! :)
+Allan Aylard The tree has stolen the cat from the man and is sending him to hell using the Hogwarts Express?
I actually was laughing during that Grid episode, especially during the train track part because I kept thinking of +Brian Matiash and +Jacob Lucas . However in their defense, if anybody needs to shoot train tracks, they're the people to do it.
Just don't put a picture of a guy on a railroad track in your portfolio!
As long as the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train.
+Peter Harklau But that would be an epic shot! With wide-angle. The train... right in front, and the tunnel walls on the sides. Long exposure to get those light trails.
When you get this shot, let me know because it would be a great shot!
I didn't see that option on the new black bars around the photos extention. I will look again.
Ok I am going out and find some cats to shoot.... I mean photograph. Or are you just breaking the rules :-)
omg....but they look sooo.....tempting!!!!
All I remember Scott saying was "Don't shoot the homeless man!"
Any witty comment I might make has already been done by +Allan Aylard ;-). (Inside joke for viewers of #thegridlive .)
Remember, it's OK to shoot train tracks...just don't put them in your portfolio.
You can only shoot train tracks as long as there is a homeless person sitting on a tree stump, holding a cat, in the frame.
He is shooting past the tracks, the camera should be pointing down.
He needs to drop the backpack and get down on his belly for the shot.
I am feelin no pain about now. ;) Lookin forward to getting out for more shooting. I am hooked and just wished I knew what the hell I was doing but enjoying it anyway. :)
You do know that at some point you and Scott will have convinced so many people not to shoot RR that it will once again be cool to shoot RR tracks
I always need pointers and will take any I can get. I have learned a lot on here and that is great. Always looking to get better of course.
I just have my little P100 Coopix but it does ok if I have patience. Not with everything as I can't add a lens to it for more options. I will go to your profile +Shaun Ashmead
What will make this shot a keeper is a homeless person tied down on the tracks with kittens crawling all over him, and some tulips growing nearby in the foreground. That should be a perfect portfolio shot--so long as it's taken in the noonday sun!
Converging lines are so compelling!

After the last The Grip I'll never get even close to a train track, specially because I don't like to post shots on facebook ;-)
It's leading lines. We are beat to death with leading lines as a rule. What better lines than those that could lead you all the way across the country? Plus, they are shiny. And homeless people and cats seem to frequent them. Have fun on your trip through the Olympics.
I like leading lines. Just shot some great leading lines at Fort Miles in Lewes Delaware ... they used train track to move the guns around.
MMMmmm... I think I just saw your "critique" video with Kelby... Didn't you mention this???
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