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Printing Tips - The Overall State Of Printing - And Lots Of Print Stuff On The Grid

Today's in-studio guest on our live talk show, The Grid, is Dano (+Dan Steinhardt) from Epson. In addition to being an all around very cool guy and kick-ass photographer, Dano is has a lot of insight on the printing industry in general, since he lives it every day. 

So today's show will be all about printing in some way. We've got tips, insights, thoughts, ideas, you name it. So join us live if you can and get in on the conversation. 

When: Today at 4pm ET. 
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Looking forward to this, too bad the job prevents me from watching live.
Do you think you can convince him to give away an R3000?
Why don't you promote "The Grid", "Photoshop User TV" and so on with Google+ Events? This would make it easier for foreign people, because it shows the local time.
Matt, unable to watch live but will definitely catch the recorded version. 
Hello Matt, just wanted to say thank you for wanting to look at my site and my work, yes I have collectively sold around 4,000 canvases which were printed on Epson commercial printers for printing canvases. with not one return. My work you requested to view on my web site is..
I want to thank you for the shows on the grid as I am an active participant every week and really enjoy every show and every topic covered. Thanks
Ken Cranney
Riker Video Productie & Fotografie.
+Matt Kloskowski do you have a pseudonym - Blake Rudis?? I'm subscribed to the YouTube channel. If it's not you, dude sounds just like you and has the same mad Photoshop skills ;)
Great episode +Matt Kloskowski .

There is something important, that very few people discuss, we should consider when choosing a paper to print on when longevity and conservation is a requirement.

I would love to hear +Dan Steinhardt add his thoughts or opinions.

Choosing Papers with or without Optical Brighteners (OBAs)

From Michael Reichmann at Luminous Landscape:


There is a big caveat to choosing a paper with brighteners in it. Many people seem to do a very silly thing: They choose a paper with brighteners and then put it under UV protection.

They forget that optical brighteners are activated by UV light, so framing an image under glass or plexiglass with a UV filter, or spraying a print with a spray that has UV protection, totally negates the effect of the brighteners.

In other words, the print will look the same as if it was printed on the Natural version of the paper.

Therefore, if a print is going to be either framed or sprayed with UV protection, you might as well go with the Natural version of the paper and avoid additional compounds that may become a problem as time goes by."

The majority of papers have OBAs. Epson Premium Luster, Hot Press Bright, etc.

Epson Hot Press Natural White does not.


The final display of your print, under what kind of glazing (glass) or spray protection specifically, is a critical factor in choosing a paper to print on.
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