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I’m Giving Away A Free Print On Metallic Paper

A few weeks ago my +RC Concepcion got a shipment of +Red River Paper Polar Pearl Metallic paper. Well, RC was away teaching last week, so I couldn’t help but raid his stash and give it a try on my beloved Epson 3880  I have to admit, I was a little skeptical. See, I’m totally hooked on metal prints from Image Wizards. I love ‘em! But I won’t lie… they ain’t cheap. So I can have a few in my home or office, but it’s not like I can have everything printed that way. Plus, I want to print some stuff for my office and be able to swap it out every so often and not have it cost me hundreds of dollars. So, I guess I wasn’t sure that metallic paper would hold up. But I gotta tell ya, when the first print came off the printer and I walked it around the office there was one word that I heard over and over… “Wow!”. The color just screams and the detail is stunning. It almost looks 3D. Needless to say, I was REALLY impressed.

Leave a comment to win (on the blog not here). You can read more and see more photos of the print compared to a matte print on my blog:
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I watch for Groupon and Amazon local for metal print deals and get a bunch at the discount rate when such a deal comes by. Really like the look. I will have to check out the red river paper to see if that is a viable option for me.
I want one, I have been wanting to see what the difference is like for metallic prints.  
I love love metal prints.  They are beautiful.  But I don't print them myself I have it done.
Fascinating.....I'll have to give it a try....
Had Mpix do a a 20X30 metal print for me of one of my shots. It is absolutely amazing! Love the metal prints!
same here, it is a beautiful photo!!!!
and I think it is soooo funny you raided RC's stash ;o)
Looks like a great choice for water subjects. A bit of a blue cast and nice saturation! 
sounds like the paper to try with my work,thanks.....
Ed B.
Jealous of the places you go.. Good to see the pictures you share. 
Looks like a totally different shot with different lighting. Color is much richer!! Good call +Matt Kloskowski !!
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