I’m Giving Away A Free Print On Metallic Paper

A few weeks ago my +RC Concepcion got a shipment of +Red River Paper Polar Pearl Metallic paper. Well, RC was away teaching last week, so I couldn’t help but raid his stash and give it a try on my beloved Epson 3880  I have to admit, I was a little skeptical. See, I’m totally hooked on metal prints from Image Wizards. I love ‘em! But I won’t lie… they ain’t cheap. So I can have a few in my home or office, but it’s not like I can have everything printed that way. Plus, I want to print some stuff for my office and be able to swap it out every so often and not have it cost me hundreds of dollars. So, I guess I wasn’t sure that metallic paper would hold up. But I gotta tell ya, when the first print came off the printer and I walked it around the office there was one word that I heard over and over… “Wow!”. The color just screams and the detail is stunning. It almost looks 3D. Needless to say, I was REALLY impressed.

Leave a comment to win (on the blog not here). You can read more and see more photos of the print compared to a matte print on my blog: http://mattyk.me/RjZWWK
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