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Matt Kay
British-American living in rural Germany.
British-American living in rural Germany.

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OK, just a quick one. I'm tentatively calling this game "GFRP: Grimdark Fantasy Roleplay".

Here's a sneak peek at a quick Character Sheet mock-up in LibreOffice Calc (Excel). Need a few more days to tidy up the actual rules before showing the first draft.

Why the need for a rules-light version of WFRP?

The main reason should be obvious to anyone who has played it: it's a bloated (beautiful) beast and just doesn't play well in comparison to newer RPGs that have had the benefit of decades of innovation in game design.

Also, I was a bit disappointed when Zweihander released and it had a staggering 600+ pages. Granted, there are quite a few innovations in the "first WFRP retro-clone" (others before it I guess are classed as hacks), but I feel it doesn't make WFRP more accessible, especially to new roleplayers.

So that's when I decided to do a full-blown hack / retro-clone myself. While I'm not quite ready to share a manuscript yet (the rules are still being written), here are the criteria I have established for my new game:

(1) The percentile system has to go. It's nostalgic but dated and doesn't get a lot of love from players (in my experience).
(2) The confusing skill system needs serious work.
(3) Combat needs to be streamlined but kept deadly.
(4) Magic to be reverted to 1st edition careers, pre-Realms of Sorcery, but mechanics will be overhauled so no power points or ingredients (personal choice, I hate what GW did to the setting after WFRP1 was published, and feel the colleges/colours of magic moved the setting away from being low fantasy).
(5) Conversion with WFRP1 and WFRP2 must be possible and easy, so that GMs can easily run existing adventures (esp TEW) with it.
(6) The final product shall be complete yet succinct, with a low page count (ideally under 100 pages, without art).

More musings later, including looking at the ruleset I'll be using and some of the other games that are influences (Shadow of the Demon Lord, Coriolis / Mutant Year Zero, The Black Hack, etc).
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