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I completely reject this as a wise practice and in no way support it and I am not responsible if you try it anyway -- but it's pretty amazing. 

If you don't want to sit through it -- it's long -- the reviewer soaks her Moto G under tap water for 30 minutes with no apparent damage. 

Again. Don't. Do. It.
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Right...who's doing this first?
Ill only say that the first g survived a few rains and my that the new g2014 died on me on the first rain...
Seeing all the problems in rolling out Lollipop 5.02 to the Moto G (none of us in the USA have it!) are you guys giving any thought to simply dropping work on 5.02 altogether?

Might it not be better to work on providing Google's major bugfix, Lollipop 5.1 ?

There seem to be so many problems with 5.02 (and so many people with it still say they have serious lag) that perhaps it's a distraction to work on fixing it.

I'm suggesting that Motorola just drop 5.02 and do a faster and wider rollout of 5.1, which should provide a better user experience.
What are folks in Motorola thinking about this issue?
Hey +Robert Kaiser. We develop software using the latest version of Android available when we start the work. The next time we start the work on an update we'll use whatever is current from Google at that time as the starting point. Given the frequency and lack of predictability of Google releases, we don't stop and start over when a new version becomes available once we've already started our work. We'd never get anything completed.

Does that help? 
That makes sense; I'm just thinking that not all variants of any particular phone (E, G, X, etc.) need to be updated, before you start working on the next release.
True, and not all the variants do go out on the same version, depending on the order of distribution. It's a balance between getting the latest and getting everyone up to Lollipop. 
Hi. I was told you might be able to help me. I cracked the screen on my moto x where can I get it fixed?
Hi James. Wherever you live, go to your local site and click Get Help to find the Repair options. A broken screen is out of warranty but we will fix it for a fee. Good luck!
When is coming lollipop for moto e 1st gen in a India till date and time 
+Matt Jones​​ has the soaks test for Moto G 2015 finished? We are waiting for Android Marshmallow for a long time. Can we get it before Christmas? Thanks.
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