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As a marginalized member of a spectator democracy you choose your own dependencies: lust, hate, blood, love. Don't think of it as manufactured consent, think of it as the candy everybody wants.
As a marginalized member of a spectator democracy you choose your own dependencies: lust, hate, blood, love. Don't think of it as manufactured consent, think of it as the candy everybody wants.


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The Punisher does an awful lot of primal screaming...

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"A school shooting preempted a Florida high school’s walkout against school shootings"
Haha? Seriously america, wtf?

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This week I've been plowing through the 3 seasons of Dark Matter ( It's not necessarily trail blazing or anything but I've enjoyed my time invested in it. But this isn't really about the show, so much as something that I was observing in it. Not that it's limited to this show, I've thought about it before, but for some reason this one got my brain hamsters running on the wheels of pain.

I had a friend who once said "The future is unplayable". It's a phrase I've repeated myself. It's kind of meant to mean that as you move in to the future, and look at logical application of "future tech", a lot of things people do oin games would be... impossible. Advanced medical tech and scanners makes DNA sequencing easy, making crime easier to deal with. Tiny cheap sensors makes it hard to sneak around because everything is watched. AIs or even just advanced computers being able to out think or out react a human, leads to impossible to breach security... things like that.

But what would /really/ happen? This brings me back to my Dark Matter observation. They are constantly losing track of people, in the ship, in space, on planets... even the crew they only can find when they have their coms on... there are no "ship sensors" that can track and alert you to intruders at the smallest disturbance. Even if things are possible, would the average person, or even corporation even bother? Do you really /need/ cameras everywhere? Probably not.

It's really giving me a poke to rethink how I present things in sci-fi games. How things can be both "logical" and gameable... anyways, that's today's ramble.

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It's Velociraptor season...

I love maps, it's one of my weaknesses. Not like, real world ones... those are boring. But made up maps for games? grabby hands I sponsor two patreons because I love maps... I have so many maps, some on real paper, most digitally... more than I'll ever use for anything... so many it can be hard to find one because I have /to many/ choices.

Which got me to thinking. Often when I start thinking about a game one of the first things I do is start thinking about the map to use. It's one of the reasons I like using existing settings... they tend to have a good map of the world (galaxy, etc.) that the game is set in. But as I've gotten older and less able to just wholesale absorb this stuff and am dealing with other people who may not love maps or want to download a bunch of data about a game world just to start playing... I'm thinking, maybe that's not the way to go.

I still think they are good visual aids, and can rally help players get a sense of where they can go and what they can do... but maybe it would be better to start with more abstract mapping. This planet is plot light years away, this village takes plot days to reach... maybe a rough sketch with moveable walls is better than a stone tablet word the creator unchanging map.

I dunno. This occurred to me last night when I was trying to go to sleep, so I'm just throwing out some random thoughts on the matter. It's something to consider for future games at the least.

for reference, the map makers I back

Last Friday not everyone could make it to gaming so I decided to test out Forthright. After reflection on the session, I determined that I approached this wrong. The entire point was to test out how the rules work, but I was coming at it from a "Setup a campaign" mind set, so there was a lot of fluff and not rolling for things... where really I should have started right at the more crunchy parts of the adventure to get some more rolling in. Stuff to keep in mind for next time.

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I thought this was an interesting read.

"I wrote about what it was like watching "Isle of Dogs" as a Japanese viewer for @NewYorker. Spoiler: in the film, there is no such thing as “true” translation. Everything is interpreted. Translation is malleable and implicated, always, by systems of power"

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What's behind the curtain? Birds. Birds are behind the curtain.

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Red Starrise enemy conversion notes for Forthright

Klicks, as they are commonly known, are a insect like race from beyond the known areas of human space. They have 8 limbs, 2 of which are shorter and closer to the "head" of the creature and generally considered to be it's arms though all of the limbs have manipulators that can function as hands. The central bulk of the creature is roughly 2 meters long, somewhat wedge shaped and covered in a pebbly chitinous material. It's head and main manipulators are on the lower end of the edge. Overall it has a vague resemblance to earth arachnids and as such often unsettles humans when first encountering them.

Klick Drones (minor)
These drones are equipped with the Klicks standard issue energy rifle and will engage in hand to... claw combat if an opponent gets close.
+1 Fight, +0 Talk, +0 Skill, 1d8 Harm, 10 Luck
Fight Bonus +1, Harm Die increase +1, Agent (The Externals)

Klick Drones (mob of 3)
+4 Fight, +0 Talk, +0 Skill, d8 harm, 30 Luck
Fight Bonus +1, Harm Die increase +1, Agent (The Externals), Mob Fight Bonus + 3

Klick Warrior (major)
A step above the drones warriors are equipped with rapid fire plasma weapons and generally prefer hit and fade tactics.
+5 Fight, +3 Talk, +4 Skill, d6 Harm Whirlwind Stance, 30 Luck
Agent (Externals), Increased Fight Bonus +2, +1 Skill Bonus,
Motivations: Leave no Evidence, Serve the Masters

A not entirely accurate inspiration picture to get a feel for the limb structure and body shape.
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