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Matt Hudson

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Great advice!
Remember When?
Words of advice for teenagers from 1959. Still true today.
( "words for adults" as well )
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Matt Hudson

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Awesome. Have to check this!
Oh. If you are a history buff...
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Whenever life gets tough remember that before he could save the galaxy, Han Solo was captured by Vader, frozen in carbonite and sold to Jabba The Hutt.

Things could be worse!
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Does anyone know how to submit formal feedback to Google about Google+ ? - I have some suggestions for photos and will remain frustrated, albeit with suggestions for improvement, until I've posted them.

#googleplustips  #Google+ #Feedback   #Google  
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There is a feedback link on the bottom of the 'home' menu
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Matt Hudson

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Testing a new #IFTTT functionality
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Matt Hudson

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To my friends in the US of A.

After an email exchange with +Guy Kawasaki I'm happy to share this link.

Please also subscribe to Guy's Google+ promotion emails as it gives lots of information on how to get friends amd family to participate on G+.
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If you need it.
AVAST Alert: Patch Java ASAP. Critical update plugs 37 security holes. Read about it,

If you don't need it, consider uninstalling Java altogether.
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Matt Hudson

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An EPIC weekend was had on March 7-9th. Finton Greggains, +Bernie Trott and I set out to prove that you're only as old as you feel by going surfing in Taranaki on Friday, completing the Tongariro Crossing on Saturday and doing the 42 Traverse on Sunday.

We ended up feeling very, very old!
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Old Guys Rule!  :-P
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Saltydrinx and I headed out for some small, fun waves on Wellington Anniversary. Here's the footage.
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This weekend's Mountain Bike ride. The first in a while.
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  • EFTPOS NZ Ltd.
    Product Manager Integrated & eCommerce, 2013 - present
  • Self Employed
    Run a subdivision on the Kapiti Coast, 2011 - present
I'm searching for fortune and glory while keeping the British end-up!
Father, Partner, Business Owner, Traveller, Atheist, Wrestling fan, Amateur photographer, Property developer, Project manager, tech geek...and I love the Internet!

I have alot of different interests which is why I prefer Google+ to Facebook!

As I have a few circles with varying topics, please let me know which circle I should add you to in an attempt to ensure you only get the content you want.

My circles (and your choices) are:
  • Heathens - Freethinking, religion and politics
  • Wrestlers - Everything pro-wrasslin related
  • Photography - Kinda self explanatory
  • Pop Culture and Tech - Fairly straight forward again
  • House and Design - Anything to do with renovations, housing design and/or property development
  • Work/Professional - Anything work related ie. office life and or workplace related
  • Sports - I enjoy surfing, mountain biking and the NFL
  • Humour - random funnies.

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