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Spectacular Photographers Deserving Far More Notice...

Last night, with all the talk of community, I decided to make a small circle of 50 recommended, but little known photographers. I chose those with 4,000 or less followers. It worked out far, far better than I ever hoped. There really are some true stars in here.

There's a deliberate mix of all styles and genres, so there's something here for pretty much everyone. Give it a try, and please, consider a share if you think it worthwhile - there's a few folks with less than 100 followers! Please help change that.

+Chris Nixon, +Annie Yim and +Kiko Starkmann (for triggering the idea in the first place), +Mike Shaw and +Thomas Hawk for helping in creation and promotion! Many thanks guys!

Edit: +Brian Rose (G+ Photos Community manager) picked out some images he liked from four people here, and they're now featuring a while in the images on the Picasa Web homepage: Congrats guys!

I'm going to maintain this circle...

When someone reaches 8-10k they can drop out, and a new gem of talent added. I'll promote it periodically. I figure once someone hits 8k+ they should be off and running, and probably in many other circles.

So any talent we've missed can go in the next update!

---Note: I've not included myself, but as I intend to promote and maintain this : Add me if you want to see updates. Simple.

A helpful link borrowed from +Heidi Anne Morris :
Colby Browns "G+ Photographer Survival Guide"

Everyone in the circle should think about following these folks - they're interested in helping build the G+ community and have hints that may help:+Max Huijgen
+A.V. Flox
+Jaana Nyström
+Rae Ouzts
+Anthony Fox
+Peter G McDermott
+Euro Maestro
+Mari Thomas

And possibly a dozen or more I've neglected :)

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Awesome circle. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to start looking at the photos in this stream.
Neato. I'm wondering if we shouldn't start calling this "2nd Gen" or something.
thank you for adding me mate, im really honored for this.
Thank you for including me in amongst all these great folks. Really honoured. Will get the circle shared too.
Wow, thank you!
I am honored to be counted in this circle. Thank you Matt and those who nominated me!
You do realise you're all going to get flooded with adds for a day or two? :)
Nice circle. Thanks for sharing, will reshare now. You should consider +cesar lopez seoane . He has just about 400 followers, but a really nice stream.
Thanks for the nomination +Rznag Rmrod - I'll hopefully be able to put him in the next share.
Yep, but I'm so happy :D My daughter was accepted in to one of the top 10 Universities in the UK today and I get to be in a wonderful circle. Today is a good day
Thanks so much!!! Very honoured to be included.
great circle, and some great photographers in it...
Thank you for adding me to the circle - I am honoured to have been included
eyy +Rznag Rmrod thanks for your mention and your words!!
I am very grateful for that!!
I'm just an apprentice..
Such a great circle, already added it. Thanks for sharing!
Suggestions noted guys!
Not such the apprentice +cesar lopez seoane :)
With only 1 follower I've added your father-in-law +Edwin de Leeuw ... if I see a pic might get a good response I'll share it along. Best warn him about strangers adding people on here if he doesn't know already!!
Thanks for sharing +Rznag Rmrod :) I'm still learning my way around Google+, so this is great!
Good idea +Matt Holmes! I am happy to see I have many of these gems in my circles already and it is great to add some new ones!
Oh, I love this!! Thanks so much. I wish others would do smaller circle shares like this. I rarely take the time to look at circle shares, because they are so large. I already have a lot of these in my circles, but you make it so easy to check out the others ... or simply accept the entire circle, which I never do! :)
+Pam Chalkley I think just the same - have tried large circles a time or two and they're just overwhelming. 50 I figure is about the limit to just take a chance on, or still manageable to go look at people.

And I'm really glad this is going down so well. Something tells me, at this rate, there will be a queue for spaces when I update. Oh 'eck what have I done! :)
I saw this late but would like to contribute a name to it +Janet Post is someone I love to watch.
Hey matt my husband is a fantastic photographer do you know how he would go about getting noticed?
well +Meagan fitzgerald suggestions are queueing up here, but it'll take a while for these folks to grow a little, and I don't want to be too spammy promoting it, so I don't want to be pushing it out much more than once a month. Feel free to nominate him here and it'll get seen for next time around?
+Evan Cote this is a circle for nominated photographers - you don't have a single photo, even profile anyone can look at, so you're unlikely to get nominated :)
Sorry to be so late into the thank you's +Matt Holmes but I have been sick all day, wow, I am so honoured, and to those who might add me, I sure hope I live up to your wishes. I also specially thank +Paulissa Kipp for suggesting - and of course +Ola Birch for just being downright sexy! :)
+shirley lo you are, of course, awesome, and I love your work, but you're a teensy bit past the 4k limit now ;)
Thanks for including me in your circle! I really appreciate it. You guys should check out +Aaron Yeoman if you get time. He has some really nice grunge type urban shots on his feed, mainly from around London. I suggest you add him. Thanks again to all the people that shared me in this circle
Thank you so much for including me +Matt Holmes I'm honoured and would love to be kept updated.
+Matt Holmes Many of these don't have a lot of followers because they are not active on G+. Did you look at their profiles before adding?
Well I am one of those 50, and I can say I am active :) Old, and disabled too, but active :)
I'm in there and active too
+Stan Showalter personally I've clicked on every one of those profiles during the nomination process... as far as I know those without proper photo streams got asked about in the original nomination thread... not sure how active is active in your books :)
+Annie Yim Maybe they aren't posting publicly. Or, just the one I happened to pick. To me, a single post last July isn't active.
Kick that one out, and enjoy the rest, maybe, Stan? :)
+Matt Holmes I added your circle to help you support these amazing photographers, looking forward to seeing their work
But also stan, depending the settings that person has, might not allow you to see their posts? maybe contact first?
+Annie Yim Good point :). Actually, I'll leave them circled a while - if they have only been posting to their private circles, and they circle me back, I might get to see their stuff.
+Stan Showalter I love your landscape. I live in an area very similar to you, Calgary Alberta, a Mile High city, at the east base of the Rockies - Migraine capital of the world, can be summer in the morning, blizzard at noon, and spring all night, or totally backward. I love Colorado, been there.

I hope this sumer to get some stuff like yours, I am disabled so hard to get to some area's where those pictures rock, but I try
Hi +Gord Birch! Nice to see a fellow Calgarian (well - I'm here in Pittsburgh temporarily) but lived in Calgary in the past 11 years.. Miss it sometimes but not during the winter :-) And yes, my migraines were definitely worse there but more so in Banff. Cheers!! Might be there in June in time for the Calgary Herald Book Sale...
Well stay in touch. The migraines are too much for me, I am up to at least 50% of the time. This is part of my disability - but I love the mountains, I too about 11 years here, 22 in Edmonton - Cheers MG :)
+Stan Showalter Is it "many" or is it "just the one I happened to pick" ?
I looked at every single post of everyone. That's right, the entire visible history of everyone suggested. There's one with a single post raised and answered here: search for +natalie behring and +michael lopez (can't tag)

There's a few who aren't as active as I would like which means a dozen or less photo posts, or don't post daily, or were active for a while and now post less, but if you have 50 followers 5 posts daily aren't very likely.

Have you added the circle and tried watching its' stream? Seems plenty active to me.

It's entirely possible I may have made a mistake when adding all the folks, but no one else has raised any questions, and I've been going through folks again so I can post highlights.
Oh, and +Stan Showalter I can also tell you that at least two deleted a bunch of posts on realising they'd been publicly recommended (and in one case I rather regret the removal of some nice characterful street photos), and perhaps two or three had an "oh heck" moment whilst they brought a ton of content near the top of their stream as opposed to a load of life-updates near the top when I first looked in on them. :)

I asked for second opinions on two, maybe three (via PM) so as not to make accusations in a highly public way, or so as not to let personal preference influence - this was an attempt at crowdsourcing for quality after all.
There power in the circle ;-) as I was stoked to see one of my images on . There may be others like myself +Stan Showalter who have only hooked up with google plus and working things out also .. All I can say is thanks +Matt Holmes great job!! and look forward to seeing the rest of you guys work in my streams!
+Matt Holmes Could be that in my initial sampling I unfortunately hit some of those you mentioned, in addition to some that seem to have had a recent spate of non-photography related re-shares. Regardless, I did add them all to my circles, and will monitor for a while. I had about ten already circled, and am seeing a number of others that I will permanently add to my inspiration circle. Thank you for your efforts in putting together list circle.
+Matt Holmes Sorry for the very late thank you! Imagine my surprise to see myself in your circle. I just wanted to nominate +MG IK who is much more deserving than myself. Now I will actually have to post quality images!
Great job on this and I can't wait to see the stream of great photos flowing by.
No worries +Stan Showalter. Perfect these things aren't but I did try to get a good mix! :) Apart from anything else, I take the view anything I post with words like brilliant or superb rather reflects on me, so there ought to be something worth the superlatives, no? :)
Yes, congratulations on the Picasa showcase - I thought that was a great gesture +Ian Gazzard :)
+Geoff Dennehy Well now, we weren't massively over the 50, and someone PMed me about you, so I thought the add was deserved after I'd taken a browse through your stream. That may inspire you to post great images, or it may inspire you to send me PM saying get me out of this place! :)
I also wanted to say thank you very much, also late... :P I've been doing photography for years now as my zen and post work outlet, and love experimental film stuff especially. I never got into flickr and didn't really feel an outlet online that felt right, but g+ really changed all that, I love so much work i've found on here and more-so, the amazing people and vibe of the community. Anywho, props, and respect to all the photogs from indie to pro on g+ who engage others and share their unique visions to the pool!
No way +Matt Holmes , I'm taking it as inspiration to post more photos! Hmmm, wonder who the PM was from...
Cool Guys I'll check the circle out shortly. Thank you +Ad Jones for recommending me, its very much appreciated. :-)
Love the profile pic +Aaron Yeoman I circled you, the circle above, along with +Chris Nixon +Heidi Anne Morris +Rznag Rmrod +cesar lopez seoane +Peter Gogolin +Bill Mckim +shirley lo +Pam Chalkley +Simply Arlie +Daniela Münch +J Smilanic +Steven Sherwin +Amy Weiss +Olivia Bradford +Steven Sherwin +Janet Post +Rick Decorie +Meagan fitzgerald +Chris Nixon +Alen Pasalic from the comments.

I'm looking for people who are active on Google, that post positive posts that inspire others. To me it doesn't matter how active you've been in the past, whether you have 1 follower or a million, it's what you do from March 17th going forward.

I've got a project that I'm working on for Discovery and National Geographic Magazine that will highlight the amazing talent that's within each of us.
i must thank you all for this, and the support.
if i can help to anyone you just ask i will do it gladly.
Your welcome +Bill Mckim you deserve it, I love your photo's especially the one where you captured the swan swimming in the ocean.
+Matt Holmes I picked the 17th of March for the un-official start of this project because I'm part Irish and I love St Patrick's Day. The actual project starts on the March 21st, the first day of spring and runs for 9 months. Now the work of the people I high lite during this time and on the shows can come from any time period. The key is how are they using it right now and as we move forward to inspire people.
+Matt Holmes Thanks for the inclusion, and also thanks for putting together such a focused circle. I definitely found some people I didn't know about and am now inspired by.
Can't wait to get to know these people and their work.
Aww man - looks like I'm duplicating your efforts +Matt Holmes .

I promise I wasn't trying to steal any thunder, etc but I've started a circle of photogs with "less than 5k" followers - similar reasons to yours but it would appear that we've probably got duplication. What is amazing me is that that the G+ photog community has been so generous because not a one of the >110 folks in my circle, or indeed those suggesting members for it have mentioned your effort.

Again my apologies - I didn't mean to toe step. Maybe we should combine efforts?
This is appalling copyright infringement +Stuart Dyckhoff! Don't worry about it - the more some of the little known folks get some awareness the better in my view!

I was about to republish mine soonish, and take nominations for updating it... Perhaps we should combine or work together in some way? I was basically thinking to keep my circle small (as established G+ users rarely add big circles), and "retire" any who'd got a bigger following - I was thinking of giving them the boot around 6 - 8k. I could either boot them in your direction, or, you have any other thoughts? Take it to PM if you prefer...
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