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Ideal place to sleep.

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git deliver,, looks like a useful tool for handling deployment of relatively simple projects. #twt  

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Not because I dislike Docker or anything but ...
Say it, one more time... >:-[


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Totally agree.
A discussion of async and sync programming, which coexist frequently in many modern environments.  And coexist painfully.  It's really pretty incredibly awful, I don't know how we put up with it at all.

An aside, doctest.js ( has something like the "await" feature he talks about, as it converts your doctest stanzas into individual chunks of code with CSP-style chaining, and lets you wait in between those stanzas while the code looks relatively linear.  It's far more naive than a real language feature, but even if it's kind of dumb it sure is nice.  Best feature in doctest.js (the best testing framework that no one uses!)

Is it just me that reads their Twitter timeline from bottom to top, i.e. old to new?

I'm yet to find an Android app that reliably maintains your position in the timeline when loading newer items. Too frequently, I get jumped to the top losing my current context.

Also, Twitter (and Twidere) slide out unnecessary navigation when scrolling from new to old, which means that navigation is in the way and taking up screen space most of the time for me.

But maybe it's just me ... wouldn't be the first time ;).

Got bored of waiting for Google so flashed Android L to my Nexus 4. Really nice and noticeably faster!

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Pritunl Enterprise VPN Server,

Really easy to set up although I did have to manually patch the CherryPy WSGI server module (

Pritunl has a great tutorial. Worked well from my Nexus 4 Android device and works equally well from iOS too according to +Tom Wardill.

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St. Petersburg's Nevsky Prospect is stunning at night. Today we get to see things properly in daylight for the first time.
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The new "share" item on Chrome's menu with the short-cut icon for the most recent choice (Pocket, in my case) is so convenient. Every app should copy this idea.

Phew! Thanks to a replacement display + digitiser bought from ebay, a couple of YouTube videos, a steady hand and a bit of patience, I now have a working Nexus 4 again :)
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