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Watch as Jake teaches you to bake your own white cob loaf in this first ep of Jake Bakes.

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We've been working on this new channel for a few months and we're finally ready to share with you the first episode of one of our new web series, Cocktail Moment. I hope you enjoy it and maybe learn a thing. Please be a pal and Follow our page, Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and share this video with your friends. We'll have a new episode of another show to share with you next week. Cheers!
Excited to share our first ep of Cocktail Moment, one of several new shows on tsd.

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This hangout is only for Full Sail students taking Production Modeling for the month of December 2013.

Anything in place yet to cross post to g+ from twitter?

I wonder if I should get a cam for the Mac Mini we have attached to our TV. Hangouts would be extra awesome then.

This looks an awful lot like the Book of Faces…
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