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Just wrote a new blog post on Apple's iMessage and poor user experiences. Check it out!
Apple iMessage and Poor User Experiences When iMessage was announced, I immediately thought it was brilliant. Not only for getting away from the ancient SMS protocol, but as a method of delivery of......
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Putting your phone number on blast? BALLSY!

EDIT Oh wait you changed 3 numbers, clever!
For what it's worth, I've run into a lot of these issues as well. I use my iCloud e-mail address as my caller ID for both devices (iPhone and iPad) but a lot of my friends don't have my e-mail address in their contact info for me, so I have to tell them to add it (annoying as hell).
Even with the kinks, it's still a great idea. Turning on read receipts is a big help with knowing if the messages are getting through.
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