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Matt Fottrell

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Finally got my hands on one. Should I even wear it?
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I'll wear it once or twice, but it's not the kind of shirt I want to put in the washer. It's pretty nice.
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Matt Fottrell

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Keep your whining about how unlucky you are to yourself. Rod doesn't want to hear it.
Is it any surprise that Rod Wolfe of Illinois is nicknamed "Lightning Rod"?
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Matt Fottrell

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I know for a fact Adderall is a wonder drug. When I take it I discard so many posts.
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..and your bathroom is probably clean as fuck.
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Matt Fottrell

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Is it legitimate to start rooting for a team because you can't f**king stand the people who hate them?
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I hope the Deflategate people and the "The Cavs woulda won if Kyrie and Love didn't get hurt" people all get snatched up and sent to an island with no means of escape.
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Matt Fottrell

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I know someone who's happy to see all these laws and symbols of bigotry being taken away.
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He might want to gear up for another round, huh?
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Matt Fottrell

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What do you think +Joe W​? Are you ready for the return of the Seattle Mets?
Now is the time to do everything possible, and then some, to bring a hockey team here. I’m convinced if that happens, the NBA won’t be too far behind. The alternative is to keep lamenting the loss of the Sonics and pine indefinitely for the NHL and NBA.
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Joe W
+Matt Fottrell it is right. Lol I was there Matt. It was incredible ! Now good day!!!
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Matt Fottrell

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We'd need a time machine to find and kill these assholes.
According to reports, ISIS operatives killed two women this week in Syria by cutting their heads off—reportedly marking the first time they’ve killed female captives in such a manner (at least in Syria).
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Matt Fottrell

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Pretty much.
Why women's world cup is better than mens
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I think I'm in love with that woman. The first one, I mean.
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Matt Fottrell

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That's a hell of a way to start your NBA career.
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I can't wait till the first day of practice 
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Matt Fottrell

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Dear some non-Patriots fans,

You think they cheated. We get it. Now please stop.

Non-Patriots fan who think they probably cheated, but hate you more because of your annoying ass memes.
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this why I don't want to see a 6th ring for them. the fans will be rabid and the haters will be worse. Hopefully the ravens will win 4 in a row and settle this whole mess
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Matt Fottrell

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I know everybody has their idea of who the GOAT is, and I respect that. But i heard an interview on NBA radio a couple of days ago with the recently departed Philadelphia Warriors/Sixers stat guy (had been with them since 46) which led me to look at this. The numbers blow me the f**k away to where I changed my mind. I think this dude's the GOAT.
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There was this one time. Where Jesus and Godzilla, and Wilt challenged MJ to a game of one on three, and they never even scored!!!

Sorry, yes.. Amazing!

Wilt was, absolutely amazing.. Those are insane numbers... the usual excuse is that "Players today are so much more athletic!"

Because you know, back int eh day humans were manufactured differently? Wait, that's just stupid isn't it?

You know, Edwin Moses won every freaking race for more than a decade, lost once, and came back and won some more, other than that I can't find anything in history like the dominance of Chamberlain....

You know, except that Time that MJ.. (sorry.)
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Matt Fottrell

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Dear EA,

I love FIFA; however, this feels like me when I set the difficulty to medium (professional). Pls fix. TY.

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You know the guy with the sign that says "why lie, it's for beer?" I'm somewhere between college and that guy.
Hi, I'm Matt.
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Graduate of UCSB with a double major in anthropology and religious studies, I graduated with honors in religious studies :)
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