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I have a couple extra invites left if anyone wants one.

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Something I've been working on recently in Keystone. 

Can anyone guess how to do a logical OR in an LDAP query? Give it your best shot.

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I hope this ad works.

Today's Idea: Printing out a bunch of tickets with IP addresses of control nodes and if you want to use one, draw a ticket from the box. And that is a hardware load balancer.

Bitcoin is a definitely real currency because bitcoin banks are run as poorly and shoddily as real ones.

There are a lot of historical parallels between what's going on today and the Crimean War of 1853 as well as the entangling alliances that lead to World War 1. I hope the people I worked with in Kiev are safe and that this situation doesn't escalate further.

If you know puppet, have a can-do attitude, and can produce results, please contact me. We need to hire someone to work on OpenStack and puppet. If you want to learn OpenStack or if you already know it this is a good opportunity. You preferably live in Fort Collins/Boulder/Denver area.

Can someone recommend a replacement for the stock LG G2 SMS app? It doesn't properly do group messaging, so there's no way to "reply all" and continue a conversation that someone started with a MMS. Difficulty: no ads, no spyware. I'd rather pay for it than get a free one.

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My new Ice brakes
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