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Matt Elliott
My component parts were once hearts of stars...
My component parts were once hearts of stars...

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No Man's Sky first impressions

Forgive the watermark, but I was having rotten luck trying to do this throwaway joke anywhere else, my editing knowledge having just flown out the nearest window.

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Always put the subtitles on...

For the longest time I've enabled subtitles in damn near every game whether needing them or not. Now, finally, it has paid off.

An audio bug in Uncharted 4 saw (if 'saw' is the right choice of word) repetitive sloshing sludgey mud and dirt and crashed truck sound effects from the previous action scene play out over the top of this pretty important cutscene with Elena.

You could hear next to nothing for the entirety of the clip until, at last, peace...

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WWE 2K16 isn't perfect...

None of the WWE games these days are perfect, but I play them from time to time regardless. Tonight though, Brock Lesnar got a little bit stuck while running in on my entrance.

It's not meant to be a realistic game anyway, right?

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I'm a little rusty

Both in terms of playing games and working on videos.


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Why has Google+ developed the fascination of putting Islamic posts in my home feed?

I get that they're from the what's hot feed, but surely Google knows I'm atheist by now.

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If at first you don't succeed...

Eventually delivered him to Abberline though.

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Do you think he saw me?

While I failed both optional objectives, I did complete the mission...
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