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News, research, financial markets, economics, politics, and risk. There is always a distressed and volatile security somewhere.
News, research, financial markets, economics, politics, and risk. There is always a distressed and volatile security somewhere.

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Four Ways To Play The Water Trade
So you want to be like Michael Burry? Look at the Water trade – Caveat emptor!! Water is rapidly becoming the hottest investment theme of this decade and it is easy to see why. Water is essential to human life but the amount of water available on the planet...

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BAML’s Hartnett Sees Additional “Melt-Up” In Stock Prices
Michael Hartnett, Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s chief investment strategies, is bullish risk assets based on the bank’s positioning, profits and policy analysis. As the stock market continues to climb in the face of political uncertainty, it is “not dange...

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Hedge Funds’ Next Big Short: US Malls
Hedge funds are always on the lookout for the next big short a phrase coined by Michael Lewis in his book, The Big Short, which details the exploits of a group of funds that made billions betting against the US sub-prime housing market in 2008/2009. Last ye...

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Refugees are freezing to flee the US for Canada
Winters in Canada get cold. Really, really cold. So people would have to be pretty desperate to walk across the wide expanses of deep snow separating Canada from the US. But that’s what’s happening. Dr. Paul Caulford runs a clinic in for refugees without he...

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Pence reassures allies of Trump's NATO support, tough Russia stance
Munich (dpa) - US Vice President Mike Pence sought to reassure European allies on Saturday of his country's "unwavering" support of NATO amid unease about President Donald Trump's unpredictable foreign policy stance, particularly towards Russia. During a sp...

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Russian state media ordered to scale back positive coverage of Donald Trump
The Kremlin ordered Russian state media on Thursday to stop praising Donald Trump. It was a big change, and an indication that the Putin-Trump "bromance" could be on the rocks. "As political scandals start to unravel in America, the Russians are actually st...

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Trump's Attack on Media as 'Enemy of the People' Has Historic Echoes
President Donald Trump ramped up his criticism of the news coverage of his administration Friday, again taking to his favorite social media platform. "The FAKE NEWS media," Trump wrote on Twitter, "is the enemy of the American People!" An initial tweet put ...

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Report: Japanese fighter jet scrambles reach an all time high
Tokyo (dpa) - The number of Japanese fighter jet scrambles has surpassed a post-war record in the past 10 months in response to Chinese and Russian aircraft approaching Japanese airspace amid territorial disputes, local media reported Wednesday. The figure,...

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13F Data For Q4 2016 – A Quick Look At Buys
13Fs are out for the fourth Quarter of 2016 and we have a LOT more coverage coming but for now below will suffice – stay tuned for the rest – data comes from Edgar, S&P Capital IQ and Dataroma – also see when we highlight the letters to investors along some...

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Jim Rogers: Prepare For The “Worst Economic Problems In Your Lifetime”
Jim Rogers is considered to be one of the investment world’s foremost minds having co-founded and managed the Quantum fund with George Soros, one of the most profitable and successful hedge funds of all time (beaten only by Bridgwater in the past few years)...
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