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Please share this -- almost got me!

#google   #android   #phishing  
Since getting an app removed from the play store is an app developers worst night mare, i thought i'd share this one with you guys. I just got an email with the subject:
"3-Day Notification of Google Play Developer Term Violation"  It says it is from Google Play Developer support, and at first glance, it looked very legit. "Hello Google Play Developer,
This is a notification that your application, <appname> with package ID <packageid>, is currently in violation of our developer terms.
REASON FOR WARNING: Violation of the spam provisions of the Content Policy. Please refer to the spam policy help article for more information. Your application will be removed if you do not sign in to the Developer Console and.... " The email was sent from gooogle dot com dot de. Note the three O's in google. The link takes you to a page that looks exactly like a google signin page, but I really suppose it is not. Sneaky bastards! Watch out guys!    #phishing   #androiddevelopers   #googleplaystore  

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I couldn't be happier with how the launch of my app's redesign & rewrite went. #wwpp

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New V4.0.0 update released - total rewrite and redesign. And a sweet new icon!

V4.0.0 pushed to 5% of the user base today as part of the staged rollout. Thanks to everyone who helped me beta test leading up to the release version.

Once this version is out to 100% of all current users, I will start working on new features with your requests taking priority. Will update here when I am ready to start working on new features.

Thank you again! 

V4.0.0 - Beta 6 released to the Play Store. Should be the final beta before the release candidate, which should match the final version barring no major bugs being found. I have yet to see any crashes reported in this beta so looks like we are good to go.

I will start going through the feature requests to make it into V4.1.0, but I need to get this stable version out ASAP as the in-app billing library I am using will not function anymore soon.

Bugs fixed in Beta 6:
• Fixed issue where Tracker wouldn't recognize newly added points.
• Removed preference for Food List Add Only - switched to two button setup.
• Fixed issue where adding an item to the food list would reset the sort that was set.
• Only remaining bug should be Bonus Points -- will be in v4.0.0-RC1.

Please let me know if any you find any major issues in this beta (besides Bonus Points).

V4.0.0 - Beta 5 released to the Play Store. You should see it within the hour.

I know there are still some outstanding requests that I need to work on, but I need the app to make it to the Play Store as soon as possible (hopefully this weekend) so trying to fix any major bugs first then add features in V4.1.0 release that you can help test as well.

• Daily Points allowance can now be set manually and not calculated.
• Added a preference to have the Calculator prompt you for adding to Food List only or Daily List and Food List.
• Added "plus sign" to add known point values to Food List only.
• Added Classic Points calculator & preference to activate it.

Version 4.0.0-beta4 has been pushed to the Google Play Store beta channel. Should be available shortly. Fixes below - some nice UI stuff, some bugs fixe. Have a few more small bugs to fix and then we should be good for full release.

Please keep submitting bugs via email (and now via the Settings menu as per changelog item below).

• All AlertDialogs are now styled as per Android L guidelines.
• Submit bug reports directly via the Settings Menu.
• Fixed bug which caused the Date Selector not to work when changing dates on Daily Points tab.
• Added beta user detection (future improvements).

v4.0.0-beta3 is now pushed to Google Play Store beta channel. Fixed another crash I found & the In App Purchase Restore button.

In the Settings Menu, click Restore Purchases to restore your in app purchase status (Full PRO or Ad Removal). Please let me know if you have any issues with this after beta3.
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