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Well, since this got posted to the wrong community, might as well make lemonade.

Below is my reaction whenever I check if Budgie has any new and exciting features:
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+Matt Della google+ remembers the last community you posted, and after that, you need to change, unless you are posting in a specific community. :P
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Matt Della

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You've entered another dimension 😆
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Matt Della

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Hello devs, just curious if you guys are planning to drop some marshmallowy goodness shortly after launch, or if we should expect a bit of a wait. I'm debating whether to flash up to M on my shamu or wait a while for you guys to do your thing
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I been giving some confirmation that CM12 themes would still work on the next build but there's room for some chnages were themes may needed to adjusted a bit.
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Matt Della

Screenshots  - 
Decided to play with openbox and xmobar this week.  I'm extremely happy with it so far and plan to keep working with it.
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Good job my friend !!
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Matt Della

Discussion  - 
You guys seriously rock. No wake lock issues whatsoever, and fewer crashes than the M developer preview (zero crashes, actually 😁)
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Matt Della

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Just saw something interesting in my Xbox home screen... 
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It's like android, android has a linux heart, but can't run linux programs, linux can't run android apps...
If it is a console, I don't need the extra unnecessary things of BSD, just take what is good for the Console's S.O. add some proprietary code or specifically heavily modified ones, like the modified OpenGL it uses, duct tape it all, put inside an old VHS, and here we go! PS4!

Still better than "Hey! put an windows 8 inside and break it so games won't run on windows pc, just our pc-console shitty box"
And half a year later... We're releasing windows 10! so your Xbox one now uses an old system compared to your PC!
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Matt Della

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I'm helping a friend install Antergos alongside Windows 10 on a laptop that uses UEFI. We went through the entire installation process and rebooted, but it booted straight into Windows and didn't ever show grub. We used the following partitions:

/dev/sda2 - /boot/efi (the Windows FAT32 efi partition)
/dev/sda7 - / (new ext4 used for the installation)

The bootloader was installed to /dev/sda.

My theory is that we need to go back in and manually install grub to /dev/sda2 to get grub working. What do you guys think?
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Here in Poland we can change disk, RAM, Wireless card sometimes...
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Matt Della

Screen Shots  - 
Custom wallpaper and xmobar config, using openbox. Keeping things nice and clean. 
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Matt Della

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Matt Della

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Matt Della

Screen Shots  - 
This week's setup
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+Matt Della That's an awesome wallpaper indeed. And I already STOLE© it :) 
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Matt Della

Carbon Releases, Announcements (DO NOT POST)  - 
You guys say experimental in your build name, but I'm gonna call BS on that. This is absolutely rock solid and incredibly smooth. Very well done, guys! This demolishes the M preview. 
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+Christopher Murphy search the play store for cm12 lockscreen changer. Works great!
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