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A lot of pandas.
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These pandas I like! Google's pandas on the other hand...
Looks so cute but I do not want to be approached :D
+Matt Cutts which one you love more panda ..penguin ..Now EAGLE must be launched  :) :) Google Eagle.. what a combo 
That looks ominous. Changing my site background to bamboo until this blows over.
Even if feel scary when my daughter watch the TV cartoon serials like Penguins of Madagascar and kung fu panda
một con thôi cũng đủ để bận rộn rồi
Looks like the panda version of the Clone Army!
Could you pleas Update all the Pandas, They seem a little bit black/white spammy :-)
ba - klick it - there are 2 more pandas behind you preparing for an attack i guess ;)
Hidden pandas.... thats not guideline conform
Jack Li
Do you mean Google will release a lot of panda algorithm updates? +_+
LOL. The SEO community's worst nightmare! 
+Rob Jackson If you change your site background to bamboo, it's the only thing that Pandas will eat!
They need a delicious content farm to munch on. :)
A lot of worries , (Panda Again? আবারোও পান্ডা)
As long as they keep being so soft and wise like those coming from the 4.0 family I love those Pandas;) 
Hahahah a lot of pandas would attack spamer... LOL
WOW! Looks Hong Kong is about to feel the effects of #Panda4 . Do #SEO right...and no worries!
+Erin Totten They've already had the sharpshooting training and can aim as well as any Stormtrooper
Can't decide if that is very good or very bad wordplay. Where are the Penguins?
#Panda, #Penguin 
If this is the exact number of remaining pandas in the world, it would be a very powerful statement.
Now that is algorithm impact
Ok pandas...  time to get busy and reproduce, it's up to you to save your species... Go!
I guess that's how Google sees the world then... 
Is this the Google version of the Terracotta Army?
You think Matt Cutts is trying to say something?
The clone army is coming along quite nicely.
+Matt Cutts , are you seriously promoting dozens of duplicate pandas?! I'm disappointed....
Turning their backs on the monitors, or did they all get a window office as a group?
hhmmm subtle hint Mr Cutts??
Graphical representation of the number of Panda updates? Maybe?
Don Li
didn't know Matt speaks Chinese as well...
Hope you pay these pandas well Mr Cutts for cleaning up the spam :)
Almost as much as Google planned updates!
Looks like more Panda updates are on its way...
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