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The beginning of the month is the perfect time to try a 30 day challenge! Watch the short video about how it works, but you basically just try something new for 30 days. For example, I'm going to try to eat mindfully for the next 30 days.

If you want a fun one, maybe take a picture a day. Want a harder one? Since we're into the summer reruns on TV, why not give up TV for 30 days?
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Im trying to learn 2 languages over the summer (programming). Should be fun :)
Can we impose the 30 no tv rule on all members of the household....kinda like it
I'm going to save a few bucks for every Facebook update, G+ update or tweet I make and have a party with the saving at the end of the month!
As long as Netflix don't count as TV, I'm in!
Inspring presentation! Thanks for sharing. Now thinking what new thing I want to do for the next 30 days. I might quit Twitter but keep doing G+ ;)
um .. let me try .. a socialized animal .. really hard man
My wife and I decided to do this in January.  So far:

1.  Picture A Day
2.  Read for 60 minutes a Day
3.  No imbibing for 30 Days (wow, total sobriety blows)
4.  Do something with either child for at least 30 minutes a day
5.  Yoga Everyday

Thanks for the inspiration!
I absolutely loved this talk.  Time to pic a 30 day item for June!
"Eat mindfully"... eat mindfully... eat mind... eat brain... MATT CUTTS IS A ZOMBIE
I heard this once before as I tend to listen to a lot of Cutt's suggestions ( #GoogleWebmasterHelp  ), but some how let it slip my mind. Thanks for the reminder! 
I am going to do some visual creating to accomplish my future goals..getting excited!! Love yours Michael -- mindful eating. Maybe I will do that one next month. Or for a challenge do 2 things for 30 days. OH MY!! haha
this is not right place to ask but i am a seo so plz explain ?
Eat all food with chopsticks for a month. That was a hard one.

Be warned though, your 30 day challenge might actually become an ongoing thing :o)

p.s. I'm happy to say the last statement was not true for the chopstick challenge.
Great Video!!!  I will decided by the end of the day what my 30 day challenge will be.  I am going to try to get the entire family involved.
I'm going to try eating human faces off the sidewalk while sunbathing in Florida... 30 days, huh?
Change is a process, not an event.
Sorry Charles but someone has beaten you to it .>.<
I just did 30 days of plant based diet. Pizza tomorrow! 
That's too bad, I was hoping he'd try not changing the algo for 30 days instead.
Wow! I did that for at least 20 data. I was going for 30 too but my friend tortured me by eating a pizza so I stole it and ate it. 😝

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The 30 day challenge is a fantastic way to establish new habits. In April, I exercised every day, as a 30 day challenge. I have continued to work out consistently and have become really fit. In May it was flossing. I am now a daily flosser. This month my challenge is to mediate for at least 10 min a day.
I'm going to give up 30 days of TV. Starting now!
Doing anything for 30 days forms a habit. stop being a dick for 30 days. see where it gets you.
I'll have a glass of wine every day.
I'm going vegetarian this month. (already dropped 99% of all dairy products from my diet, and eat almost nothing with a face except some fish on occasion, so will be damn close to vegan)
Either your mocking me or you have an iPhone which one

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I'm going to make sure that every meal I eat has bacon in it!
Rather than a new years resolution, I decided to do monthly resolutions this year. It's June 1st, and I'm still going (exercise daily, this month)! Who else is still going on a new years resolution? would you get things done without the internet? You'd be limited to what you already knew how to do, or forced to make data-acquisition trips. Sounds terribly unproductive.
It's raining candy behind you dude

+Matt Cutts Here's a 30 day challenge, work with me on for that time frame and help highlight wildlife conservation, environmental protection and community initiatives in sub Saharan Africa and the Indian Subcontinent...
100 push-ups and 50 pull-ups everyday!! I'm doing this!! I'm starting with 5 sets of each 10 pull-ups and 20 pushups. My max sets are 17 and 50 right now can't wait to see where I'm at in July!! 
I tried a juice fast for 60 days.  I have 2 weeks left.  
I'm going to abstain from any internet challenges for thirty days...from now, no now, from the next fullstop.
Our phones tells the weather as does radio, pc keeps connections and education. Television and cable keeps you blind and propagandized into submission, get rid of unnecessary bills and stop feeding off bad media. Not just for 30 days.
Maybe, no listening to other people for 30 days.
Thanks for the idea. I stopped drawing consistently for quite a few years. I'm going to sit at my art table and draw every night.
Very interesting indeed, I'm going to have to try this.
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ha nice i think im in shape right now so the gym is no option for me
I am offering everyday to Lord Jesus.1st of june a bit more stained.2nd has just started. Trying to keep it clean by thoughts verbally n by deeds to.Hopefully 30th june will be cleaner.
Already started this 2 weeks ago. I'm eating a whole foods, plant-based diet and I feel GREAT! Thanks for the challenge!
Hey Matt how long did it take you to get into ride a bike to work shape? My mind told me I could do it,but my 52 y/o body is telling its going to take a long time to get there!
maybe you could try to learn chinese in 30 days.学中文。
+matt cutts How about giving up self improvement posts for 30 days?
Watching TED videos is like eating Lay's potato chips. It's damn near impossible to watch only one.
Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode!

>> <<
Haha, my English teacher showed our class this. It's actually very true, I intend to try it after school ends.
Matt, you have boobs! Get a hold of yourself dude!
Some of my friends and I are doing a "no sugary drink" challenge.
No drugs or alcohol or any kind for 30 days. You find things out about yourself and routines. (no I'm not a problem drinker).
I wish some of my closest friends would try that Rory. Its really true but they don't believe me lol
I am gonna try drinking enough water to stay hydrated for 30 days.  I think the recommended intake is like 2 liters a day.
biking to work for 30 days means he was working on every saturday and sunday of the month. hmm, i will pass.
Hey matt , i m very much impressed with this theory which i feel earlier in last 3 year happen with me or i did , its really working .. As pablo piccaso says "action is the foundational key of success " i feel this earlier and bcoz of u i came ti know the perfect theory. Thanks 
I'm going to add a time requirement/limit to mine: walk for 1 hour daily, preferably in the mornings when it's cool!
I just want to be with the Lord and to know Him more and more.
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