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I don't post about SEO stuff very much on G+, but this is a pretty awesome new feature for site owners, webmasters, and SEOs.
Webmaster level: All We strive to keep spam out of our users' search results. This includes both improving our webspam algorithms as well as taking manual action for violations of our quality guidelines. Many webmasters want to see if their sites are affected by a manual webspam action, ...
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Kudos to Google for this additional transparency. Fantastic.
Cheers Matt.
I'll reword your post though :D

I don't post about SEO stuff very much on G+, but when I do it is about awesome new features for site owners, webmasters, and SEOs.
This is truly awesome and very useful. I have been wracking my brain for months on one client to find out what was wrong with their rankings and overall site performance in the SERPS. Logged in to WT, looked and it has a partial action against it. Will correct and submit reconsideration. Would never have known for sure before this. Thank you Google! +Matt Cutts 
Just checked all domains i am adminstrating: I am not disappointed that i just find the phrase “No manual webspam actions found.”Good tool!
+Matt Cutts Why don't you post more about SEO here? Lots of people here that would be very interested in it.
Looks as if somebody is complementing himself...Distinguished Engineer? prepping for a new 30 DAY CHALLENGE? Mr. Distinguished and not Principal Engineer #mattcutts  go!
If yo dont post that often about SEO then how come I see your picture so often here on G+ then +Matt Cutts ?
+Ian Dixon I think a lot of people here link to the videos he posts on Twitter.
+Matt Cutts it could be nice if google could send auto updates via email when features like this Will be released
Awesome, anything that takes the guesswork out link remediation is a win in my book.
Great feature +Matt Cutts I have to ask though, is it possible action has been taken against a site and isn't reported in Webmaster tools?
Thanks. We will be following you Matt, waitting for news!! good job
I have to ask, +Matt Cutts does the big G have any openings for an "Undistinguished Engineer?"  I know someone who might just qualify..

"Posted by Matt Cutts, Distinguished Engineer"
+Matt Cutts  any comments on the rumored algorithm update "Zebra" said to target false social media accounts / reviews ?
More transparency is always welcome ;-) Thanks for sharing!
Thank you for adding this.  I guess it is also going to help the manual web spam team by way of reduced 'unsure' reconsideration requests.
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"No manual webspam actions found.". I'm okay. Thanks for sharing.
Hi Matt - would be great if we could see what causes an algorithmic penalty as well :)

Also any ideas when google may be going to give ecommerce sites higher rankings with Google review stars we have nearly 2000 now and rankings are v.poor :( , seems a shame noone can find us organically anymore and soul destroying that content isn't being seen :(
+Matt Cutts Any news when we will be able to access webmaster tools Search Query via API? thanks.
Oh!  I like this.  I like to be notified of anything hinky.
Hi, i have seen a short period at german webmaster account the manual action link and now it is gone? It is not already translated well the messages maybe?
Is this available in the UK? I can't find it. Is it just me?
Today not working penalty information in WMT 
sadly this feature is nowhere to be found in my webmaster tools.. Would love an update on what is going on +Matt Cutts
Matt great to see Google becoming more transparent.  I have a site that was hit with a penalty back on 2/27/2012.  I lost over 90% of my organic traffic.  I have cleaned up the linking profile and receive an email stating the site was no longer under penalty.  The new tool in WMT confirms it no longer has any penalties.  My site does not rank well organically.  

My question -  Even if the site penalty is lifted is there a time "penalty box"  that G puts sites in before you completely remove the penalty and allow the site back in the index?    I would assume if I no longer had a penalty it would rank for some terms?  
Hello Matt. I'd like to get in touch about a media interview - do you do such things?

With my thanks,

Dear Matt, I've seen your video about Unnatural links to your site. And like to give some comment on Google and external link building. Well even you say that it's all about natural links and not getting paid backlinks. Well sorry to say so but I think that Google should know that big compagnies pay a lot of money to get high organic search results in Google on surtain keywords. We all know that THE BIGGER the compagny is the more money they can pay to get external links, even you know this! I've worked for a online marketing agency who just asked a big bank and a other comparison site which is from a insurance company just over a 250K just for external link building here in The Netherlands. And they paid it both. So please tell me?? When you say it's should NOT be about THE MONEY why is it that when I'm looking to these backlinks for these sites nobody can beat them to become a organic number one, only because there backlinks? That is why I think, that this backlinking should NOT be a rankingfactor in Googles logaritm. Because these days it is not that it is natural at all! Even social is corrupt. I like you to know that this should END! Because THE BASICS of Googles become evil this way!!! And As The Number 1 Giant On The Web Google Has To Have A Positive Human Obligation ;-)
I am not getting example links in my webmaster tools. What should I do ?
+Matt Cutts 

Is there somebody who we can follow on Twitter nowadays for SEO/webspam info -- but without all the Google marketing spam?

I've followed you on Twitter for many years. I gather that you're more a general corporate evangelist than "head of webspam" at Google these days.

I thought Google was serious about Google+ as a new social media platform. But you're one of their most prominent people and you barely touch it and use Twitter etc instead. Which means I'm using Twitter instead. I wanted to use G+ but not enough people bother with it, you included!

CC +Eric Schmidt +Larry Page 
Matt , I've seen something weird results for many keywords and my team too. Instead of producing results relevant to the keyword typed , due to this penguin 2.0 , Only the trusted and popular websites are showing up on results even though the topic isnt much relevant to the keyword user has typed . I'm not anywhere even to advise you but Me and my friends , my office everyday finds many results as such . Please we request you do something on this ?
Backlinking was an important factor, is a important factor and will always remain to be the important factor to rank higher in Google Search Result. Google had went so ahead in this that they cannot even see no turnaround from this as they love spiders...Spiders which crawls from one site to another through links :-) - Back Links
Sure - Backlinks are for G rank The No 1 criteria - depending on quality of backlinks. Linkfarms have lost their glamor forever. #mountainview traffic hits 1.4K but my G ranking is still low. O O .... penguin bites courtesy ..
you always have something awesome
+Matt Cutts Can't you guys give some color or something for our beloved webmaster central blog?
Dear Google Webspam Team Head, 

I have a website which was rank in top 5 on many keywords but due to Google algorithm changed now we are not ranking and keywords so far near about 225.

We are not getting any manual spam message from Google team. We have also removed bad links but not get pre ranking position in Google. I am also trying to send reconsider mail but webmaster account sends me on link to that you have no manual penalty. 

We have disavow bad and exact keyword match links using disavow tool. My kindly requests to you please have a look on my website and try to inform me if something we are missing. We want to get my pre-ranking position because we are not getting any new business due to drop ranking.

Now this is very old news for me but new for beginners. overall useful information........
Thanks for the hummingbird update. Now results very accurate.  And it's good treat for quality content websites. 
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