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This is how I know I'm a Google geek. When I feel an earthquake, my first reaction is to search for [earthquake] on Google to see if our search results are helpful.

Sometimes you don't want "10 blue links"--sometimes you want a direct answer. Glad we gave the most useful answer immediately.
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wow - the two earthquakes today look like they were in the same spot
You Californians are nuts. Those of us from more reasonable parts of the country head for door frames. Then we search [earthquake].
Although it took the USGS at least 4 minutes to list it on their site
I used "Earthquake Alert" on my Android - it even knows where I am :-)
Where's Banda Sea - wait... I'll Google it :P
Felt 'em and waited a few seconds for both to pass. No need to search for it when they were so palpable.
I am so happy to have the Earthquake kit from Google! That was some good foresight by the company.
Same here - it's actually pretty fast to find the info!
we should also make sure [earthquake?] works -- which is what my wife insisted on as a query, until I begged her to remove the ? (and then got the right answer)
why did the magnitude change for the recent one from 4.2 to 3.9?
I was video chatting with someone in Oakland when their screen started shaking. Sure enough, a few tens of seconds later, it reached my house in Sunnyvale.
I was refreshing the query hoping the result would reach me before the quake, but it didn't. We still have room to improve our latency :)
Google is Tightly Integrated With Our Mind...
+Jeremy Shore The earliest numbers are usually from automated systems, which are typically augmented and corrected by human seismologists as additional data becomes available. The variations can be quite significant in some cases, as distance, depth, etc. related to different sensor points are correlated.
News Flash: Sen. Al Franken and FTC representatives announce plans for "earthquake strength neutrality" search results regulations. "Consumers should be able to select from any possible earthquake intensities. It is unfair to inaccurate reports for accurate results to be presented at the top of search result pages," they said.
The question is however, are these after-shocks or before-shocks?
I type the same thing into and I get a couple of news stories at the top and a page of blue links. Nothing like what you have shown
+Pete Kosednar These little baby ones actually tend to reduce the immediate probability of the "big one" in that area of the SA fault.
Almighty Google in itself is biggest earthquake creator, earthly quakes are just tiny ones... Ha Ha Ha
That is just the hilarious quote of the YEAR and I hope you don't mind, it was so hilarious I quoted it on Facebook (crediting google+, of course). Ha, happy geekdom! "Non-geek: I'm too lazy to figure this out, I'll look it up. Coder/programmer: I'm too lazy to look it up, I'll figure it out."
that is very useful indeed... I didn't know a simple search for "earthquake" would do it!
I was surprised that i see different results with different google accounts. In one account I see results for earthquake in advertisement only which was from bing and in other account the results were shown as above.
Then to Google Earth to see more details through time! Especially since I live right on the San Andreas Fault!
I don't get that on Google Japan searching for [earthquake] or [地震], and I probably need the info as much as people in California do...
Wish that would work for us down here in NZ as well :(
Funny how the USGS isn't funded for other countries.
How odd is that?
One time, I googled "Google googling Google"....some guys in suits came to my house.
I have no idea of how an earthquake feels, never been in one, but its great to have these kind of tools to keep us up to date.
Nice! Thanks +Keir Rice Being a mile away from Caltech, I don't hear much from any other geo orgs.
well i had one 2 weeks back. it shook me ;)
on the minus side, I searched for earthquake bay area, and got no onebox. Oh well...
+Lawrence Estrada I don't think you'd want to...even if we in the SF Bay area (or the entire State of California for that matter) seem to be blase about it, its probably just masking our true fear of "the big one"...I've been through a couple of "big ones" and well, its a combination of: terrified, confused and resigned (the worst kind).

Aside from the informational link above, this is probably one that everyone in this area should keep handy:
If there's this much excitement over a little quake, imagine the fun if a major gamma ray burst shows up!
+Lauren Weinstein Nah...that would probably be less dramatic...snuffed in a second or 2...not even enough time to say WT......
In this case you may have given the most current and useful info, but for almost everything else re establishing a relationship with Twitter would provide it correct?
Just great. Pity that it does not work if I use Google in Germany (neither with the German nor with the English word.)
Always the shortest path to verifying if it was the quake you just felt. USGS, unfortunately, is very hard to use in this scenario.
I'd love it if Google did more of this. More answers, less links. Don't just act as a good router.
It's a amazing feature..I have noticed it. Just curious to know is google already started to follow the micro data structure for a website ?
Try +Reto Meier's Android app, Earthquake! 
+Matt Cutts these results doesn't work for people with no english language as default ?
I try many combinations in terms with english and portuguese, none of them show me these results.
Keep up the great work. What's next... When/where is the next quake?? :)
+Cláudio Bastos +Matt Cutts +Matthew Thornton Long Doesn't work in English and Russian in `local Google` either. Missing the Google Music not available to me as well. Seriously, do we need to mimicry US users with virtual IP services? That's kinda, not open to say at least. What's the situation in other countries, please, share.
My first reaction was to check on my wife.
When I want an answer about something I generally use WA.
That is definitely helpful and very cool.
would be great if you could add a direct answer for [doomsday] so I can more easily keep track of the predictions for the last day of civilization.
What about information on earthquakes in other regions out of U.S.? Thanks...
I love Panda even though I know my income dropped because of this alien ... It is more useful for a better life than us, online money makers... :-)
All of this discussion about earthquakes and no one has mentioned Harold Camping? Astounding. LOL.
Remember.....the end is today. What? Oh, not today, next week maybe. Give him time and if he lives long enough he might get it right in a couple hundred billion years.
+Ed Chavez Yeah, I'll be right here waiting on that one as well. I believe that if we do not succeed in exterminating ourselves first, that someday the Earth will either implode or explode, or the Sun will die and take the Earth with it or a comet or asteroid will finally be on target and take it out.
I would hope (I doubt it, but I can still hope) that before any of the scenarios described above take place that mankind will set aside all of these petty differences and perfect space exploration and travel and find other worlds to populate so that we can abandon Earth when (if) the time to do so comes.
Of course, now we have to discuss our sorry history of moving in somewhere where someone else already lives. Our track record in this regard is not all that great. :-)
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