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Great article by +Steven Levy that goes inside Google's data centers and reveals a lot of new stuff. This is the first external mention I've seen of an internal system at Google that we call Borg, for example.
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I like the bit about DiRT exercises and SRE leather jackets. ;)
+Hermann Loose I'm mad that I worked for two years as an SRE and never got a jacket! Last I checked they were considerably behind on distributing them. Ah well. :-)
and my data centre is just 3 iddy biddy little computers :(
Outstanding article. I got goosebumps just reading it. 
Sorry Matt, but that all looks like plumbing to me. Could that be Google's boiler room?
Had to block and report 3 jerks first. Now your feed is much more readable. Read the article. Love the stuff about rethinking the room temps, so much is standard practice in some companies and no one ever stops to question it because that's how it has always been done.
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Deja vu does it feel same like last time?
This should be a TV series, not unlike House: people running a big tech company with huge data centers, and in every episode there's some bug outage creeping in which will send them off a hurried, intense investigation. Could be internal human errors, an outside attack, the system AI itself becoming quirky with need for psychological analysis, and special political episodes could even deal with the legalese, morals and politics of fighting off government censorship requests.

<<Nevertheless, accidents do happen—as Sabrina Farmer learned on the morning of April 17, 2012. Farmer, who had been the lead SRE on the Gmail team for a little over a year, was attending a routine design review session. Suddenly an engineer burst into the room, blurting out, “Something big is happening!” Indeed: For 1.4 percent of users (a large number of people), Gmail was down. Soon reports of the outage were all over Twitter and tech sites. They were even bleeding into mainstream news.

The conference room transformed into a war room. Collaborating with a peer group in Zurich, Farmer launched a forensic investigation. A breakthrough came when one of her Gmail SREs sheepishly admitted, “I pushed a change on Friday that might have affected this.” Those responsible for vetting the change hadn’t been meticulous, and when some Gmail users tried to access their mail, various replicas of their data across the system were no longer in sync. To keep the data safe, the system froze them out.>>
Great read and great to have a very small insight into he massive DW's that are needed to ensure data and communication flows are flawless, hats off to Google
Is this the same as willy wonka opening his doors lol
@dharvendra Shi hai boss Chance mila to aapki to nikal padi
66 times the word "google" in that article, isn't that keyword stuffing, i suppose wired will get penalized for keyword stuffing ?  like small businesses are for their keywords... Back to sleep under the bridge, getting colder every day...
Cool i see websites that are #1 in the search results with black text on a black background :)  the good old days are back, yay, let's stuff keywords !
Hey Matt, how about throwing open your doors to my web which has removed close to 2000 links and with your "wondertool" now available, I can get the last 700 deleted. In the meantime, as you did not give me any warning, just dropped my site, despite some bad links in a sea of good ones, being one of the oldest websites in existence and with a 100% degree of relevance, my business is in the toilet due to your manual suppression of my web. I have had to lay off many employees and am on the cusp of closing my business. So, how about taking some responsibility for Google's actions against me for a lack of warning (only made warning once I notified Google that I had been deleting links), manual and purposeful suppression of my web and consider my best efforts attempt to do as Google bids before it won't matter anymore?
+ira blacker just buy adwords, google is struggling financially right now didn't you hear the news ;) ?
i spend minimal on AdWords and will go out of business before i play that losing game. the worst roi for my industry.
+ira blacker i agree with you, for me too, adwords was a total disaster,  i'm planing on finding an analog job ( baker or something without the internet, the panda and penguin update + nseo from a competitor really disgusted me of the e-world )
what the folks like Cutts don't understand is that with a broad swash of their brush that they are HURTING PEOPLE. after removing most of the crap links from my site, i still received a message yesterday that "i can go F myself" and we still have  found you "guilty as charged". it seems mr. C is bent on punishing and not just curing the problem. must be nice to have all that power, eh mr. C?
+ira blacker they don't need to understand, what they need is more ad sales. Who cares if families and small businesses are destroyed, they're not the ones buying adwords afterall :)
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