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Tonight my wife and I watched Page One, a movie about the New York Times. It's really good, and a solid reminder about the importance of journalism in society. Definitely watch it if you get a chance.
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It makes you wonder if younger people will be influenced by this to purchase newspapers?
Oh good, I have this in my Instant Queue.. great to hear the endorsement!
Not yet available in Croatia, will wait...
Yeah, I dig that film. I've seen it twice. +Steve Fitzpatrick Not that I'm younger, but it did convince me I should get the online subscription. It's my first foray beyond the paywall. Well worth it, IMO.
the first think come into my mind is Google Page One (1st. Page) :D
I figured it might have that effect +Glen Ford Would be great to see if it does increase readership and if 'good journalism' starts to be rewarded.
I've never forgiven them for their coverage of the invasion of Iraq (although my dislike for them dates back to the whitewater non-scandal). They can rot in a foxhole with Judith f**ing Miller for all I care. The only reason I visit there website anymore is to read Paul Krugman and to laugh at their lame coverage of modern topics like the internet, (eg, Bill Kellers latest pearls of wisdom on copying as theft), not to mention their public editors jaw-dropping "Should we mention when politicians are lying" column. Frankly, they can't die soon enough, as far as I'm concerned. Paul Krugman will still blog in his spare time, and the rest of those craven sycophants will rot in hell.
+Steve Fitzpatrick I doubt it, they grew up in the "free economy". As newspapers are putting up paywall, I'm worried the industry is divided into serious journalism locked behind paywall for those who can pay, and advertising supported tabloids for the rest.
Heh -- navel-gazing propaganda for the most self-important (""All The News That's Fit To Print") and overrated of all the dying legacy media franchises.

While the "what odd things those natives in this place called Idaho do" tone of the paper is rich, it's the NYT op-ed circle jerk that really takes the cake. Between the real-politic profundities of crypto-fascist Tom "I <heart> Chinese dictators" Friedman, and the ravings of Nobel-prize winning nutter Paul Krugman (last seen getting pasted by satirical blogger Iowahawk on an elementary point of economic statistics here, the NYT op-ed page is a Manhattan conventional wisdom laugh riot.

For more on this tiresome tribute to this doddering old fool of a journalistic institution, check out the devastating review by David Ross here:
Hi Matt, thanks for the tips. I think it is great that you post various tips about culture, entertainment & technology:-) Happy Valentine's day
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Looking forward to watching it. Still the best researched and timely news source going. The WSJ used to be pretty good, but has fallen several notches lately.
Dinosaur media like the Times has its place, it can at least be held accountable by independent sources. I am glad we don't still have a media world were a few big sources can dictate the truth and nothing holds them in check.

Look at how the Times helped facilitate the forced famine that killed at least a million people in the Ukraine. If that happened today hopefully the Internet and other sources would still allow word to get out.
Page One is actually one of my favorite retail stores in the Hong Kong International Airport. They have really cute stuff!
Yes, a fascinating documentary. Movie made me a David Carr fan. And if you want to read a remarkable book, read his memoir "The Night of the Gun."
Great documentary. Brian Carr is something else. Didn't realise he had written a book.
It sounds really dramatic. I'm intimidated. I sure hope the creators had the "okay" by The Wall Street Journal.
This film was very well done and showed both sides of what is right and wrong about the newspaper business today. David Carr's transition to the world of twitter, blogging etc. was portrayed well.
I work at the Tribune and it was fascinating to watch David Carr on the telephone as he investigated the behavior of our former CEO until he was forced out. It offered a view from the other side. Thank you Matt for acknowledging the importance of journalism in our society.
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I can imagine the scene where they bemone the fact that young Bill from the Daily telegraph has died before he could come over (on the Q2) and show them how to use this new fangled telephonic apparatus
I find it fascinating that you found this film fascinating. I'll definitely give it a watch.
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