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Just in time for March Madness, the ability to make your own Chrome themes..
What does your Chrome look like?

The Chrome Web Store has hundreds of Chrome themes that you can choose from, but if you want to add a personal touch to your Chrome you can use the new My Chrome Theme app to quickly design and share custom Chrome themes with your own images. Themes that you create will appear in the home screen of the app so that you can easily install, share, and browse past themes that you’ve made.

Share your favorite creation in the comments below and we’ll try to feature some on our page next week! #funfriday
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Just made myself a theme, now I have control of the design, makes me all happy :D
Greg M
Personally have never used themes in any of the various versions of web browsers that I have used over the last 20 yrs or so. I am more involved with the content that the browser serves me than what the browser looks like.
+Greg M I use it only to make subtle changes that make tabs and text more readable. Intricate, artsy themes don't do anything to help me at all.
I use simple theme, the classic one and sometimes Michael Jackson theme from Chrome Webstore.
+Matt Cutts How friggin cool is that, Google you never cease to amaze! Now how about custom themes for GDocs?
Don't need or want browser themes. I prefer as little of the browser as possible to be visible while I browse.
Very cool Chris, I've just become accustomed to hitting f11 when I need a little more real estate on screen, but love the add-on, thanks for sharing.
i wanna to learn Google+
hi matt , any tips on next panda updates , mate :)
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