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Have you tried doing a Google search for zerg rush?
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Yea Cool! Easter eggs were (are) fun. Not many left out there.
I did a search for Experts Exchange and then let the zerg eat all the links, leaning back, sipping some milk.
Oh noooo's! Google broke my search page! lol
I have now, ill go to bed with a really wide grin on my face. Awesome!
i was trying to shoot those zero's with the mouse pointer :))
Sweet - easter egg and it's past Easter! Thanks, Matt.
+Matt Cutts cute Matt Pure proof that engineers really do have a vivid sense of humour ):
I took down 32 zerglings with 169 APM. TOO MANY OF THEM!
had no idea at first.... admit had to search zerg rush a 2nd time to play
This was clearly designed by people with 30" monitors...
Totally awesome! 55 zerglings killed...202apm! :-D
Yup, absolutely love this easter egg. 92 Zerglings with 195 APM.
I took down 64 zerglings with 188 APM. can't tell if that's good or bad.
yeah that was fun. Gotta do it again later.
Nice one Matt...did you type in Let It Snow last December? That one covered the search results with snow, and had a 'defrost button' to click on. I missed both of these. Back to work now.
That was pretty sweet. Made me laugh.
Google keeps dropping the productivity of our office in the best way possible
One of Google's better productivity-killers. Thank whoever did it for me.
Heres a easy way to win :)

setInterval( function() { var e = document.createEvent('MouseEvents'); e.initEvent('mousedown', true, true); var zerglings = document.getElementsByClassName('zr_zergling_container'); for( var zerg in zerglings ) { if(zerglings[zerg].dispatchEvent) zerglings[zerg].dispatchEvent(e); } }, 300 );
Its all Java I assume. HTML5 is not the amazing revolutionary thing everyone makes it out to be anyhow.
If I did not know any better, I would think my browser got infected with a virus. Cool!
+Jake Weisz , it could very well be Java. I just thought it was probably HTML5 because of it's simplicity. All browsers are experimenting with HTML5 and it would be a good opportunity for google to do something with it. If it is pure HTML5 thou, that is some awesome coding.
I just tried it on my husband, he was freaking out. Sweet!
Haha, yes! Greatest thing ever. LOVE the GG at the end. (:
I Googled it despite having already been humiliated by a many previously ;D
very nice
That was... awesome! I didn't get it at first... then got it! :D
Well that's put a significant dent in my morning's productivity - woke me up a bit though.
+Christopher Schirner Mad props for your script - worked flawlessly into both Chrome & Firebug consoles :: pesky zergs didn't touch an element on the DOM ;D
At least, I found about it on the afternoon. Otherwise, there would have gone my day.
+Matt Cutts, Will you be releasing data about numero of games and average duration?
I remember reading about lost work time with time spent playing pacman game and it would be interesting to see how it compares to starcraft.

Edit: Typo, sorry, autocorrect with a non English dictionary
that little script is in javascript, the Web's attempt to dress up Perl in Java's clothes..... and the properties it accesses are all DOM. Both DOM and Javascript are integral parts of the HTML5 ecosystem, so it's not false to say that it's HTML5. On the other hand, it's not true either :-)
I did not realise that Zerg Rush was a game as well
hahaha! thanks for this :) <3 google :)
Hey Matt, just want to let you know that your latest Penguin destroyed my search rankings and has not only put myself and my family out on the street but several others who rely on me feeding them leads. Hope you sleep real well at night Matt
Very good! I also like the search for "Jason Isaacs"
The searchs are lately strangers, all spam webs in the firsts positions. Whats happened?
Nice metaphor for what can happen in the future to the Google guys, maybe then are the letters "F" and "B" responsible to fall upon them.
It would be a far cooler easter egg if you were still focusing on search rather than breaking your own engine with the latest update.

No content sites showing up for major keywords. Empty yahoo shopping pages showing up for sales keywords... The worst and most disappointing aspect of this Penguin update is that the search results are not better - if anything they are far worse than they have ever been before.
Both here and elsewhere, many write about destroyed rankings and other bad aspects of google's latest updates. But nobody mentions what kind of pages they're ranking for, which keywords, are they working black, grey or white hat and so on and so forth?

Please give us details, insights and examples. Not to offend anybody, but until now it's just bickering...
Have you tried doing a Google search for search engine?
+Flavio Marquez go cry somewhere else. If you don't have spammy links you will be fine. If you do, then I'm sure Bing will still love you, and the rest of us can continue to use the better search engine (Google). If you don't like Google, no one is forcing you to use it. You can even set you robots.txt to block their crawler. Otherwise, play by their rules and stop complaining.
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