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I did a talk last month at the PubCon search conference. Here are the slides from that talk.
If you have a question about your site specifically or a general question about search, your best bet is to post in our Webmaster Help Forum linked from If you comment, p...
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I looked closely at the picture on the "examine things closely" ... Uhm what am I missing? Lol :)
Great read, I appreciate the slides.
It was great meeting you there Matt. I hope our talk gave you some good insight into what is actually going on in our verticals. I know I took a lot away from our conversation. Would love to chat again!
Wish I could have been there to watch it. Would be interested in viewing a video though if there is one. 
Cleaver way to put over-optimizers to work for Google
Hello Matt can you show us any proof that the disavow link tool works. Also David Berkowitz said that Google's Fight to Kill Search by 2020 is that true?
Any chance that google+ takes less than 3mn to load on a 1mb/s connexion ?
+Matt Cutts Matt, thank-you for posting and sharing the slides. I'm really glad to see the "Disavow Links" tool.   It is hopeful to see Google making a tool that will help website owners correct quality problems on their website.  So many people who were hit with Panda, Penguin, and Exact Name Match updates, really had no idea how to fix what was wrong, or in the least, know what was wrong.  Many Small Business owners with websites like myself, depend on webmasters and hosting companies to handle these things for us, and we trust they are not engaging in any type of practices that would cause penalties to our sites.    I am a criminal defense attorney in Arizona.  We have a website that has been in place for years.  It was created, and hosted by a reputable Legal Resource Company called  The domain name is  As soon as the ENM went through, we disappeared from search results, and have not been able to recover.  We have asked Justia to review our site and they can not find anything else wrong.   We have been through all the forums to find out if any other quality sites experienced similar ENM penalties. I saw the questions.  But no answers.  We have reviewed the quality guidelines over and over, but we can't find any other quality issues to address. Do you know of any other tools or suggestions as to how we can get our website to display again in good rankings?  All we can think of is that it is an Exact Name Match and was penalized for this reason.  I really appreciate Yours or Anyone's help we can get on this.  Its been very discouraging.  Outside, of abandoning the site, and staring over with a new domain name, we don't know what else to do. Any help or information is much appreciated.    Matt, thanks in advance for reading this, and anyone else who read, and can take the time to read and help us. 
Matt, thanks for this entry. This is useful for us, but we suppose a problem with disavow tool. A month ago we have added many links to disavow links for our domains, then we make a new reconsideration request in response we received message which inform us “(…)There are still some inorganic links to your site (…)” of course we listen actions that we taken (disavow links included) in last reconsideration request. So, my question is: When and if at all Google ignores the links included in disavow.txt file?
Hi Matt, please note I have seen your post above if there was a question as " GENERAL " however my questions really need to be answered by someone of your level of expetise within Google.

I do not wish to take up too much of your time or my colleagues time on here but I need some clear and reasonably urgent advice from Google as to what we are doing on the internet and how Google would look at our structure.

We are developing a Online Locality Based Business Directory with each suburb having its own website.
To achieve our goal of being EXTREMELY relevant for our business customers, we have created a very clear separation for each product so that Google can easily index it and provide a precise product, by name and by suburb.

To achieve this we have created an automated and pre-populated Website template for each industry that has a very sophisticated but simple CMS for clients together with carefully and meticulously correct information added for each product using that industries professionals.

However since we are putting this site as a duplicate template in each area, eventually there will be many sites that on the surface would look the same, however this can't be helped because we are not able  to alter the set products or information about individual products as they will always remain static unless new information comes along that can be added.

So the only information that can be different on these websites would be the email, clients name, clients phone number or address. In some cases there are tradesmen that operate in multiple areas and would like to have a website for their individual tradesman. Again the information would be relatively the same except for the email, phone number etc.

I am basically asking you as to what are the rules to work like this as we want to comply with exactly how Google wishes us to be as it will be much more easier for us than to be told down the track that we are not doing it right :-)

I would genuinely appreciate your thoughts or if you can't assist me if you could PLEASE point me in the right direction to talk to someone in Google here locally in Sydney Australia.

My phone number here is +61 400 807 667 I would be most happy to sit down and discuss everything in detail with a Google representative.

Thank you
Best Regards
Tony Bulic
Sorry Matt, I neglected to add my email on here
it is
Thank you again

Best Regards
Tony Bulic
+Tony Bulic I hope you can get help with your concerns, Tony, and wish your company the best. 
Matt you guys have pushed it too far with the update which appeared on 18/19 November.

For Google to represent 80% of the search market but now only 45% of our search traffic is pathetic.

You've hurt your own publishers and therefore Google's revenue by overdoing things - all reasonable limits have been exceeded in your latest misadventure.

I am now, officially, a Bing/Yahoo fan, thanks to this crazy unfair harmful update.  CONGRATULATIONS!
Matt really, our take is that you guys have played into Facebook's hands, Mr. Zuckerberg will LOVE Google for pushing away it's smaller publishers as Facebook is heading towards the Search business. 

Essentially all we see now is big brands ranking and all the smaller high quality publishers vanishing from the results.

But you havent specified how many weeks this tool is going to take to disavow the bad links?
Je suis M. E.Levigneron (maisoneco (at) live . fr)
Désolé je ne parle pas anglais
J ai une entreprise et un site que j'ai réalisé moi même ! maison-eco-malin .com depuis plusieurs années plusieurs nuits passées a être le plus instructif et utile a mes visiteurs. On me dit maintenant que mon site n'est pas conforme sans aucune autre explication ! j'ai jamais essayé de tromper Google ni acheté de liens ! 
J ai envoyé une liste de liens de sites que je ne connaissais pas mais je ne sais pas si elle  convient a Google.
J ai plusieur fois demandé un rééaxamen de mon site ! mais toujours la même réponse sans aucune explication.
Aucune réponse non plus dans le forum.
Je suis vraiment perdu n'étant pas un professionnel d'internet, mais juste un artisan qui connais bien sont métier mais pas le référencement je ne cherche qu'a apporter les meilleurs conseils et présenter mon entreprise et mes services aux clients et futurs clients du net.
Mais surtout pas a tricher.
J'espere votre aide pour sauver mon site et surtout mon entreprise.
Merci d'avance et encore toute mes excuses pour mon méssage en Français.
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