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Not sure I agree with this article (there will always be a role for people to add value), but an interesting read.

If you haven't seen it, makes it really easy to ask question to consumers, starting at $0.10 per answer.
"It’s a bit sobering to think that the entire Market Research industry with its 10s of thousands of employees is only worth 40x with its 15 employees!" -Michael Floyd,
Google Consumer Surveys accomplishes what we’ve known we should be doing but had neither the resources nor motivation to pursue. Google has disintermediated all of us.
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Disintermediation is always there.

But there is also re-intermediation.. someone doing the value-added work... you can help your clients doing the surveys using Google Consumer Surveys.... Google is just providing the platform and the rests are on yours...
I think that the main benefit from using someone other than Google is the interpretation of the statistics in the less clearcut situations.
Right. Just as it's inexpensive to cut out a previous middleman, it's inexpensive to become a new one. The net effect may be the same number of middlemen, but each one adding more value than before, thanks to the general shake up of the industry.
Seems that Google will be taking up the "grunt work" of research and leaving room for interpretation and action to be taken by traditional researchers. In much the same way that Visicalc changed the world of accounting without eliminating accountants, Google's research service will change the world of research without eliminating the need for researchers.
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