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If you haven't seen all the Google queries that you can send to the most recent version of Android with voice recognition, you really need to watch this.
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very nice

Any word on it working with one set of instructions but having if statements in there e.g. "are there any coffee shops open near here, if so, which is the nearest" ?
ConverSAYtional Search! Wow! Questions prompt language learning in real life too. Learners of #English -Armed further. More material for illustration and listening differentiation: It's  #AudioAmmunition , #voiceBLING and Google + Hangouts. Go #Google. How can I explain...when there are few words?   #Erasure .
But what does it do when you ask it to close the pod bay doors? Siri stopped making jokes about that.
very impressive.
 However, you never went to any web site in SERP other than google ...
Wow - the "when did it open" / "is it open" is pretty amazing
Not all of these work here in the UK, (Show me my pictures... for example).

Do different countries have different versions of Google Now?
"I meant the Canadian" => mind =====> blown.
Wonderful. Defo the geeks' search engine sfaiac
Awesome! I may have been able to prevent my wife from getting a new iPhone it she would have seen this first.
for some reason 'my photos' fails on the 2013 nexus 7 but works on desktop and Nexus S phone....
why would someone need to know where an Apple store is?
Battery has approx 5% remaining.  Pretty cool, though. Beats the crap out of Siri in responsiveness and ability to perform it's functions (IME). I'm still waiting for this hands-free tech to be integrated through all apps and controls of a device. know it has to come in steps, though.
Even More why I plan to not upgrade to the next Iphone.. I will be going Google ...
Pretty cool but it needs more verbose responses to setting alarms and reminders. If I'm setting an alarm I'm doing it for a reason and need to be able to be sure it got the time correct. If I need to pick up my phone to be sure about it then it's not as useful - particularly when driving.
Also - left out a couple of my favorites:
"Show me my agenda."
Also that you can send emails using the keywords 'subject' and 'body'.
Example: "Send Brian an e-mail, subject 'new car', body 'new car looks great. Love the color.'"
Finally - Google needs to get some of that 'always listening' tech from Motorola and put it in a cheap wi-fi plaque I can hang on my wall. Sell 'em cheap enough to put on the walls of all my most used parts of the house. Then I can just ask Google questions any time about any thing.
How much does it matter if one has a slightly older version of Android?  Galaxy S3 on Verizon is still running on 4.1.2.  
The personalised search results for photos etc only work if you're in USA, using, and US English 
I never know there's 24 g carbs in a crust pizza...
Excellent video! Thanks for sharing Matt!

+Michael Dopp Most of what you're saying is dead on, but why do I want a Wi-Fi plaque for my wall when my phone is always on my belt or in my pocket? Just buy one of the new Droids with the always listening chipset, then it will be everywhere you are!
I would love to get voice commands to work like in this video. I usually give up after about 6 failed attempts
+Bryan Parks I'd rather have cheap ubiquitous objects I could set up in my house because I don't always carry my phone around. Also with multiple people in the house it would be easier if the system was just in place and worked for everybody in the house.
I love the context it keeps as you ask more questions, it makes the whole flow more natural.
Connection to sever lost- retry doesn't work :(
Now it worked ... And its insane! Wow ... Need to use it more ;)
it's a shame spanish does not seem to matter to google
Google, Google on the wall - who's the prettiest of them all?
The 'remind me to ...... when I get to ....... ' comment doesn't work on my phone while the remind me to on a date works
Jon P
Have a question. What'st hebe st place to post it.
I am new to g+, so I don't want to post it just anywhere, like this.... (sorry)
This is very interesting! One question that springs to mind is how the SEO landscape will change with these conversational, strung-together related searches.

How does Google know to relate a non-specific search to a previous voice command, and how does that effect mobile SEO?
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Adamın dibisin Matt Cutts abiiiiiii !! :)
How do a get my search term to work with Apple Siri?
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