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Today was a pretty good Fitbit day: 50,000+ steps so far.
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...thought it was a 2-step authenticator.  :-)
Fffuuuuuu.... and here I just was feeling good about being above 15k. #shakesfist
Wow! I don't think I've ever been above 30,000!
I'll be the first to say it... 'Shopped!
Whoa!! What did you do, +Matt Cutts?!

This was the first day I reached 10k in 2 weeks (as I've been sick and busy) -- a great little hike in Gatineau Park with the family.
Is that a lot? I have no frame of reference. Sounds like a lot.
+Mike Wood yeah... the pre-configured daily goal for a FitBit is 10k... apparently the average American does around 5k/day (not sure about the Canadian avg).
+Mike Wood I spent the majority of the day walking around the Bronx Zoo and I'm at 15,400 steps right now. I can't imagine what +Matt Cutts did to get to 50,000. 
50k comes from about 25 miles of work. Depending on your stride, a mile is about 2000 to 2500 steps. #notscientific
For context, I did a little over 21,000 steps today which for me was about 10 miles. I can't imagine 50,000 in one day.
Clearly +Matt Cutts ran a marathon today. Either that or he went to a theme park with several young children.
Whaaaa? I almost never get 10k!!
That's BOSS. I've done 35k steps as my best.

You were my vector to FitBit, BTW. Thanks very much for that!
And that's about 23 miles, no?
Love the FitBit. +Danny Drew I use MyFitnessPal to track what I eat. It is linked with my FitBit account so that MyFitnessPal can automatically factor in the calories I burned and FitBit can update me once a week how much calories I burned vs how many I took in.
Holy cats. I hit 32K recently when my wife and I walked from midtown Manhattan down to the financial district, back up and then the UWS... Now I have a new target.
Another user of MyFitnesspal along with Fitbit. The sync between the two works flawlessly for me. 
that's running a marathon, correct?
Another good complement to Fitbit is Lose It.
OYG, that is insane. I think I got as high as 30,000 once.
I did 33K one day when I ran a half-marathon. So I imagine he's done near 23-24 miles.
With a 3 foot stride, that's roughly 28 miles.  Give or take.
Wow - congrats Matt!  I've never even been close, unless you count the time my Fitbit went for a spin cycle in the dryer.
Here's something to think about if we don't look at the exact definition of a foot. If approximately two steps = one meter, then 50 000 steps = 25 000 meters = 25 km = 16 miles.
A very good distance. But not nearly 16 miles. On a flat terrain, a normal step length is 0.4 m. And should be considered, climbing and descending stairs, where the length of the step is much smaller.
Yikes!..I was going to add you to my Fitbit friends but this may be too much of a challenge!!!! lol
Keep walking - let's see if it wraps around at 65535. :-)
Holy crap!  I'm thrilled when I get to 15k in a day.  Congrats!
+Cornelo Prisan You can estimate step length by multiplying height by 0.415, so unless Matt is 1m tall, I think your math is off. :) or Hammacher -Schlemmer (sp)... you pay H-S the same but has a lifetime replacement policy...get a  new one if anything goes wrong with the one you bought..So far I actually upgraded from the older Fitbit to a newer one because they didn't have the older ones any more.
I'd guess Lake Tahoe or Big Sur marathon, based on race schedules.
+Matt Cutts Congratulations!  My "high score" is around 45k steps; I have gotten the 40k badge about a half-dozen times, though.
Not enough digits for OTP though.
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<skeptic Hm.....>  Did you duct tape it to the dog?  Attach it to the wheel of your car?  Strap it to the fly wheel of a power meter in Southern California?  What gives?
I was doing a 21 mile training run for a marathon in November, and then I walked around during the day. My best day ever was 62,888 steps, which was the first marathon I ever ran.
Man... I was feeling pretty good about my 60 flight of steps the last two days. You sort of blew that away.
Oh my! Well done! New to it, but wow, I love my Fitbit. May have had 1 day reach 20k steps...How on earth can one do 50,000 steps in 1 day? At 11:12 PM GMT, mine reads 11149 (about average for me). Am even more in awe of you now Matt, seriously! {-.-} 
+Scot Close
From where do you extract that 0.415? From rabbit hat? In fact, I think it is your IQ.
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