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Surfing Reddit while listening to Reddit co-founder +Alexis Ohanian at Google. Ohanian has a new book out called Without Their Permission.
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Nick A
I didn't know +Alexis Ohanian was associated with Breadpig. I bought a balloon mapping kit from them.
Ok +Matt Cutts here is a challenge... get a photo of him and try and see if you can get it to the front page of Reddit before he finishes his talk...
You better have submitted this to /r/pics. Think of all that Sweet Sweet Cutts Karma
Reddit rocks. But please don't spread the word
Yes, read(dit) his book yesterday.
A great "listen" on As read by the author.
+Erica Joy (That's a Meg Ryan sarcgasm, aye?), I've had +Alexis Ohanian in 2 circles since this place opened for business. I think i lost him after my G+ death and resurrection though. Fool needs to recircle my resurrection.

ETA: (I lost a lot of followers because of that bs.)
Ha! Was just reading it. Comes to Kansas City next week! 
You're not sorry, otherwise you wouldn't have posted it.
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